Getting funding to be a Trader with low limit drawdowns


Anybody here who has done courses by Chris Kapre or Andrew Mitchem??? I`ve been talking in my email with Andrew Mitchem. He told that after a few months,

I should be able to make 5% per month. But that`s not the important thing. The problem is that I want to be funded by a prop trading firm, and here comes the unknown factors.

He says your risk is only 0.5% of all of your capital which for a 25k account is 125$, right?

But he also says that the drawdown for my account will be of about 8-10 %. If Im risking to lose only 125$ isnt my drawdown and risk of loss 0.5% and not 8 or 10% of my entire account?

All these prop trading firms accept a maximum of 5% drawdown. IS Andrew Mitchem’s course good for that? Can I get funded? I don`t understand the risked capital and drawdowns and what It means

Can someone please shed some light?

The answer is pretty simple - Just trade using your own money !

I use the maximum draw down as the account size and use up too 10% risk per trade.

In addition to that we have to use minimum leverage to keep our funding safe and secure.

I suppose it depends on what the trading strategy is. Prop firms normally allow a daily drawdown and then a trailing drawdown based on the original prop account balance. If the strategy is scalping that means opening numerous positions at the same time the drawdown risk would be a lot higher than if you are opening one trade a day. The best thing to do is to open a demo account and add that same balance of the prop firm is offering and test the strategy and keep your eye on the drawdown. This way you can practice your trading and also see if you can actually pass the prop firm assessment.