Getting My Feet Wet Forex Style - Jason E

Hello All,

My name is Jason E. I’m almost 23 years old and born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. I’m a man of many trades to say the least. Since I left highschool in no particular order I have traded and blown up my own account, been a truck driver, traded for a prop firm, traded my own options account (thriving), still a pilot earning my endorsements, and currently work as a Real Estate Agent.

My biggest hobbies are poker, flying, fishing, and trading. I’m an excellent pilot simply because I want to live to see another trading day! I’m trying to learn how to trade Forex so that I can have the opportunity to trade around the clock, as I often have a hard time working up at 5AM for the start of the London-NYC session. This is the biggest reason I haven’t been able to trade futures. I end up trading after hours.

Plus, I like the high leverage and small dollar amounts involved in the Forex. I was happy that I could start trading with a $3,000 account. I plan on funding this sometime in June 2016 and keeping it paper-licious until then. If you find yourself around Vegas, let me know! We can talk pips and poker to your hearts desire. I can sit at a table for 13+ hours. Good luck and happy trading!

-Jason E.

Hi Jason,

Welcome to the forums. I’ll be 23 in June, so we’re pretty close in age. I was also looking at getting a pilot’s license but haven’t gotten around to it. For now, I’ll stick to flying my DJI Phantom 3 Pro and Phantom 4. :stuck_out_tongue: I play mostly blackjack, but on occasion will do a bit of Hold’em. I think you’ll find similarities between poker and trading.

Good luck!

The similarities are eerie! They both come down to psychology, money management, and putting the odds in your favor. Don’t get me started on flying drones! I can’t fly my Drone to save my life. The normal one nor the nano!