Getting start on Forex

Hey everyone I was recommended this to learn more and figured to myself might as well start now then later but all in all I hope I will have a good learning experience and fun and wish the best to all!

Best of luck. Aim to develop a profitable method and process you can and must follow for every trade. It’s that simple, but not easy.

That’s the first step. In the meantime learn how to detach your mindset from emotional challenges when trading live. The only control you have is risk management.

most welcome in this community , enjoy your stay and be knowledgeable. happy trading

besides learning make sure the best practicing session , otherwise any kind of learning can be useless.

hi and welcome

Best wishes for your trading journey. Continue reading and posting your questions in the forum. Thanks

Hi, welcome to the community. Focusing on learning and enhancing skill and expertise is the only way to move further in the risky market environment. Love the energy you bring! Hope you achieve your goals. Cheers!

Here is your Checklist too:
1.technical analysis
2.risk management psychology strategy
5.become millionaire
6.get bald muscles
8.steal best friends gf with money
9.dig a hole on mars
10.why you even bother to read this all