Getting started and in the babypips school

Dear Newbie Island:

I am new to Forex. I want to learn to trade and make money… After all this is why I am here. I have started in the “school” tab and I have the Reminiscents of a Stock operator on the way to help me with the trader psychology.

Once I go through the “school” on, how can I learn to do this well? If anyone can direct me to something on the forum for neophyte newbies like me, I would be grateful.

Just open up a demo and have fun!

I agree with Bazooko. But do not expect too much in the beginning. Also do not learn too much to start with or you will have a head stuffed full of stuff and much of it may confuse you.

When you open a demo with a chosen broker, learn how the commission is first taken from the pips. This part of the profit is not yours, it belongs to the broker. The broker usually charges between 4/5 pips.

Stay with common currencies, avoid the exotic.

Low leverage and setting stop losses are absolute necessities for starting out.

Regards, Tymen Wortel, Perth, Western Australia.

dun get revenge on the market… respect the market