GFT are they trustworthy?

I’ve just been checking out GFT’s website and platform and I had a chat with one of their reps and they seem really eager to sign me up with a live account… a little too eager. Are they notorious scammers or am i just being paranoid? I’m shopping around for my first Forex broker and because of all of the bad reviews for so many forex brokers, I am a little confused as to who I should go with. Is GFT reliable/trustworthy/fair/helpful? What about anyone had experience with them?

I just need a little help making my way through this maze.

Thanks very much everyone!

P.S. Just to give everyone an idea of what I’m hoping to find: I’m looking for a broker who 1. is trustworthy and reliable, 2. has a good charting/execution platform, and 3. allows for a $250 minimum deposit.

I always suggest Oanda. Their charts do suck but most people will use a MT4 demo for chart work and place trades through Oanda.

I think they are very reliable and will allow you to trade with as little as $1. This is because you can choose exactly how many units you want. It isn’t dependent micro or standard accounts like most brokers.

Look into them. I’ve been trading with them for almost a year and I’ve been very happy with them. the occasional crash of the java applet will happen but will usually come back quickly.

Virtecs: Thanks man… I’ll look into Oanda then.

They are a legitimate broker, but I was scared off by their salespeople as well. When I went live I was going to use them. I tried to sign up for an account online, but before you can complete the process you have to talk to a pushy sales representative on the telephone. I wanted to open a small account, but he kept trying to tell me I needed to put big $$$ in to be a successful trader.

I said “no thanks” and went with Oanda. The whole process of signing up took me 15 minutes, I didn’t have to talk to any salespeople, and I opened a small account without anyone trying to get more money out of me.

You know, I’ve been trading with them for six months, and I haven’t had any problems. The only thing is that my account is small so I don’t know if execution changes by the size of your account.

Platform is great, customer service is not.

Never heard of them:(