GFT's Dealbook 360 questions

Ok guys I need your help. I have been demoing dealbook 360 and I love this platform!!! I am definatly opening a live account with gft but i need some answers first (as i don’t totaly understand all the functionality of the platform)


  1. When I place a limit or stop order, or even a market order can i place take profits and or stop loss orders, or do i need to place a second pending order?

  2. When I place line studies on my chart in dealbook am I able to delete just 1 line or just 1 study or do I have to delete them all?

  3. Does anybody have any related tutorial links for dealbook so I may completly understand all of its functionability

  4. Does anybody have experience with dealbook 360’s program language and if so do they have any links for some basic knowledge of that.

Thanks, guys I really appreciate it John

I think many people here know me as a long time user of Dealbook especially with my candlestick threads.

Congratulations on your choice - you will find the program very easy to use, yet it will do anything you want it to. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

To answer your questions :

  1. You can place any amount of orders and type anytime you want.

  2. You can place any amount of line studies one at a time and delete them one at a time.
    Further, you can configure your line studies to whatever color, thickness and length that you want.

  3. Sorry I cannot post the link - the Admin will delete it.

So type into the google search engine the usual…http://www.

Then type in

and add to this …videojukebox

What you will get is a beautiful set of short videos that explain how to use the platform fully.

Here is a screen shot of the videos. If you look carefully, you can see the website also!! :smiley:

  1. I have studied the program language and wrote some indicators myself using it.
    It is a simple language but you need to be careful because you can leave things out.
    The best starting link here is the very extensive help menu in the chart studio that comes with the program.
    Here everything is explained in detail.
    I have found this to be enough for me, but I am a mathematician, so this helps.
    Further help can be got by opening up the GFT web page and going to the charting forum.

Tymen i somehow thought it would be you that came to my rescue. Thanks, Ill check it out.

Also one more question for ya, How do I take a poicture of my chart? In mt4 I could right click and save picture as but I don’t have that option I could however print the screen but then the best I can do is pdf and I don’t know if I can get tinypic to host a pdf as a img file.

thanks, john

Last link doesn’t work :slight_smile:
Wow, you can code in Dealbook, I never knew that. Interested to hear a bit more about this as I coded some stuff in MT4 that I’d like to put in Dealbook.

Many people have asked the same question about how to post charts on the forum.

I have, therefore, taken the trouble to provide a complete detailed set of clear, simple instructions on how to do this, step by step so that everyone who needs to know can now do it.

You will find these instructions post #502 - 504 page 51 in my latest thread…

You will find the code for Dealbook a lot simpler and easier to use than the MT4 code.

You really need to go to the chart studio program provided with the Dealbook program and go to the help menu.
There you will find all the instructions and info that you need.

I’m looking at Dealbook as I like the way all the Aussies’ pics look when posted in various forums. Nial Fuller & Nick B. seem to be using Dealbook at least for teaching purposes if not for their personal trading. I just downloaded the demo and get a daily email with an instructional video - probably the same as when you download the demo. Good charting service, I’ll see how order transactions go.

tymen if you look at my posts you will see hundreds of charts that i hosted using tinypic or imageshack the question I have is specifically for dealbook, how do i take a picture of my work station so that i may host the picture in posts. on mt4 if i rightclick i can save picture as…

on dealbook if i rightclcik it gives me a bunch of options but no save picture as.

thanks, john

I believe that’s what he is saying, use a screenshot. Shift + Prnt Scrn then paste it into paint.
I can’t believe Dealbook doesn’t include a save picture utility but meh.

I believe that’s what he is saying, use a screenshot. Shift + Prnt Scrn then paste it into paint.
I can’t believe Dealbook doesn’t include a save picture utility but meh

thanks sanmiguel, ill have to try that (as soon as i find my print screen key :smiley: )

im certain dealbook has a print screen option somewhere i just don’t know where.

thanks, john

The [U]print screen[/U] key on the keyboard is to the right of the F12 key.

You do not have to use the Shift key on my Microsoft keyboard, but maybe on some keyboards you do.

After print screen, open Microsoft Paint and click [U]edit/paste.[/U]

You can go from there.

The print screen key on the keyboard is to the right of the F12 key.

thanks tymen