- is this site legitime

I just open an account at, I talked to a guy from that site and I gave him part of my credit card numbers.

Is that ok?
Is this site to be trusted?

Thank you so much.

Ambroz, Slovenia, EU

GFT is I think Global Forex Trading which has international representation. We certainly have it here in Australia (and for that it has to be regulated under our national laws) and is widely advertised. Dont know where it is domiciled ultimately

Thank you very much.

First of all its not good to give Credit Card numbers to someone on Chat or something… Its something risky you know… Such information should be private really… I havent had any problem my broker asking me part of my CC, whats the use really seriously.
Though my best wishes to you.

I talked to him on the phone while we were getting my application ready he also needed to know front numbers of my CC. and also exp. date of my Master Card.

Isnt that a must for the company to have in order I can open an account there?!

Thank you…shaking a little bit…

Ambroz, Slovenia, EU