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Hi guys,
well, I was thinking if there is a trading style which is proven to work better than others, like for example, some say fundamental analysis is the best thing to consider when entering a position, some others say its technical, some say news, some say scalp is the best style some say you have to analyze the larger time frames. what do yo think I should improve to get more profit?

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Find what works for you inbetween - what works for one might not work for other.


Study a lot and during your studying you will find the best strategy that suits you, your balance, your personality and your requests!

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what do yo think I should improve to get more profit?

Learn how not to lose money. Without an account, because you’ve blown it, means you cannot trade.

So.aim to develop a ZEN mindset and ignore what the market will throw at you. The ONLY control you have is your risk exposure.

Best of luck.

Put most effort into learning when to exit than when to enter. Good exits make money, bad exits throw it away.


i heard of larry williams smash day strategy and i got positive feedbacks on that from people so i think it worth to give it a shot.

Well, a friend said that it is easier to predict near future than a further future, so I should first start scalping and then after getting more experience, I can try for long term positions; sounded kinda logical to me, what would you say? Does that make sense to you?

This is really different from what I usually hear about being a successful trader. they say i should first manage to trade regularly at a determined time, just like a job. Actually, they say I should adjust my life style with trading, not the other way!

Thanks a million. I guess that is what I am trying to do, yet sometimes experience talks louder than words! thats why i asked about it here as well.

wowww mate that was philosophical!!! that really gave me a new perspective towards trading!

Never heard of that, i will sure do more research about it, thanks mate. BTW, did you try that in a real market?

besides building the best trading strategy should focus on money management , otherwise the result from strategies can be useless.

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as a new in trading that is really a difficult task to make sure a perfect money management, need a long time approach with patience.

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I’ve been learning a a few things about that as well. And actually today I just came here to ask u guys about the new money management system that i learnt, and wanna ask what others think of that, I guess id better start a new topic for that

no i didn but ma friend @tommor usin it right now and i think can help U with that