Before you help others, think twice

Hello guys and gails, my name is Greg but most know as Profesor Pips. I registered 25th December 2019, till today past 1316 days. I was almost every day on forum ( I got devote badge ) and I helped many traders to be better trader, I Can do it because I am on the forex market since 2006, for my help for the community I got couple “nice words” from user @Phonix . Unfortunately the most offensive and rude post has been flagged by community and delete by mods but “something” few left


and something from PM

If someone can’t read with understanding, nothing will help.

need my help? send me PM, I will not be active as earlier, time to take own business, so my answer could be little late, and remember

Before you help others, think twice.


You shouldn’t worry about what others think. Just do you. You know if you’re a successful trader. You can see your balance.

Focus on the members that enjoy and use your stuff.


That’s just right, nothing I can add.

Writing and sharing our thoughts helps us reflect on and strengthen our own beliefs. When we engage with others, it challenges us to think critically and can lead to becoming better traders. We focus on our own endeavors and don’t let unappreciative people bother us. We pursue our passions, while they follow their own path, akin to NPCs fulfilling their destinies in life.


Hi Greg,

You are an amazing contributor. A real honest and valuable member of Babypips. I used to be hurt when people disagreed with me. It’s not you who should be hurt. Some people (narcissists, sociopaths, uninformed, unenlightened, will do anything for an argument. They can only feel good when they see someone else feel hurt. Like crabs in a bucket when you want to raise yourself to the next level, they are all there to drag you down.

Try this thought for a week or two, and really think about this and consciously try to do it all day. They say you become the average of the five people you spend most of your life associating with. Visit, talk with, contact the five friends in your life who you think you admire the most - for their beliefs, their culture, their attitude, and don’t reply to ANY who want to put you down or bully you, or disagree with you and use negative energy in the hope of sucking your positive energy away from you to compensate for their anger, hatred, jealousy, belittling or just low IQ insults. You will grow more quickly than wasting time on the naysayers. You don’t have to go PM - that is what they want so they can insult you even more. Please stay open, just reply to those who appreciate your gift, ignore those who don’t. :pray: :100: :heart:


I ignore whatever people think of me as it’s not my business.


that’s perfect reply i think

Good comments, thanks.

It’s pleasant to get a reply to one of my posts saying I’m right. But it’s invaluable to get one saying I’m wrong.

This was the most beautiful and the most wise sentence anyone could say. two thumbs up.

There is a difference between construct criticism and trolling. It’s pure trolling to insult someone just because you don’t have skills and knowledge. @Phonix There is a huge abyss in knowledge and skills between us, you are at the beginning, I found my successful trading path already

I think you can’t read with understanding, what you didn’t understand in words “don’t reply my posts and topics”?

@ProfesorPips you are a great asset this forum. Surely you have seen many members like this come on, push people’s buttons, then disappear again. This one is no different, just passing through.

This forum has rules called community standards which if violated can result in banning.

The “ignore” button comes in handy too once and awhile.

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When someone charges you about no knowledge and skills without reason, it is little “inappropriate”. I spent hundreds of hours in front of monitor looked for own trading path and I don’t have to be on this forum, helping others and read “you don’t know anything about fx.” ( so shame that you didn’t read his first “post”, full of hate and anger). The ignore button works in wrong way, instead of punish an ignored user to cut off from knowledge, a user which used this button punish themselves because he can’t react to insulted posts.

If I may call you PP- Thank you for all your help in the past and stick it right up W------ you know what I mean

No but thanks :wink:

Greg, please ignore the imbeciles and focus on the grateful you’ve helped and continue to help.


Gd @tommor, its been a while. Hope all is well.

It is unclear to me whom you are referring:
@samewise (who I fully agree with)
or to someone else, please clarify.

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Just want to add on.

I have only recently joined this forums and received a PM from someone, seeking help from me. He wanted me to help him with a ton of stuff, including tapping on my existing network.

When I asked if he was going to compensate me for all my help to kickstart his forex business, he started berating me.

Some people are just cheap.

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I find that this is amazingly true and I agree with this. Whenever I try to share something in BP to anyone post a topic that I can relate, I find that more often than not is to remind myself on certain things I should do. If the thoughts that I shared has a benefits to anyone. That would be great as well.

You can’t help people who can’t help themselves first, truth be told very few have anything of value to add to any discussion and resort to discrediting anyone who has the audacity to actually make something work.

For example it takes $20,000/yr to train someone in the markets, most would take two years, simply because experience cost money to reduce the timelines by 10x from the 10,000 to 20,000 hours.

Yes you read that correctly, and even then you have a 92% probability of loss 92% of the time so there is no guarantee you will succeed at below 1% success rate, which is why you need a career path just in case.