Give me some advices

Hello I’m new to this forum, being a beginner I have been trading purely on a demo account using mt4. I feel as though I’m nearer the stage where I should be thinking about brokers. Could anyone recommend specific brokers or explain what I should be looking for in a broker. Any advice will be much appreciated!

Three pieces of advice

Good luck!


thanks a lot

Security 1st (on your capital)! Then their trading features like low trading spread, no technical errors during high voltage news etc.


Which country are you in? That can make a fair bit of difference, as we’re spread all over the globe.

(I’m UK, and have used ETX Capital for many years with no issues.)


The best reply for you! Just follow all of these 3 points.

How long have you been trading on a demo account? The point of using a demo account is to develop confidence in yourself. Do you have enough confidence to trade with your own money>

To select an appropriate broker, at first you just need to understand what you are trying gain from currency exchanges. Each broker is unique and a trader has to choose a broker that can ensure customized trading package to achieve his trading goals.