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There seems to be a lot of talk of going to a 1 world currency and a 1 world government. Going to a 1 world currency would mean to me that Forex would be dead in the water and no more trading. I am new the whole forex trading and trading in general and due to these talks I am worried about entering. This may have already been a thread on this however I didn�t see one. Is anyone worried that we may see the death of Forex trading in the next little while?

Yes, there are a couple of threads on this topic already.

You can start here, to catch up:301 Moved Permanently

Yes, I am very scared about the end of Forex, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I think the end of Forex will happen at the same time Madoff’s bones will be released from jail. So be prepared, in 150 years the market is over. :smiley:

You need to only think a little while about how slowly the governments of individual countries move to realize it would take ages to move to a single global currency. It took a long time for Europe to finally get around to switching to the Euro. They were working on it for years.

Sorry, but I disagree with all of you. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

World matters are moving at an accelerating pace and I am sure that the one world government and a global electronic, RFID chip, currency based on the global warming carbon energy standard is even now being planned to come about!! :eek: :eek:

[U]Just this year, the mention and push for it has gained momentum.[/U]

I cannot recall, the one world currency getting much attention at all last year.

[B]I will present more facts to support my case as they come to hand.[/B]

It’s not a “one world currency” that’s getting talked about. It’s about creating diversity of reserve currencies so the USD isn’t the only one. Not the same thing at all. A country’s currency is considered by many part of its sovereignty. That isn’t overcome easily, especially when there are still governments who manipulate their currencies to benefit their trade situation.


It’s not a “one world currency” that’s getting talked about. It’s about creating diversity of reserve currencies so the USD isn’t the only one. [QUOTE]

I understand what you are saying.

But I maintain that we are most definitely headed for a one world currency based on the carbon energy standard.
And very soon too - much faster than the development of the Euro.

All this emphasis on carbon emissions and carbon trading is not for nothing.
There is a conspiracy behind it all.

Sorry Tymen,
I stick with my “bones” :smiley:
World currency and human behavior don’t mix that easy unless we have the same living standard around the world and we are far away from that.
Hmmm, what living standard? who decides? each one for themselves.
USA, right now, at this moment, City’s are printing there own “coupons” (Town Money) with a discount to the dollar so people buy local.
California, broke and no bank is taking there “vouchers” either.
Euro, look at them closely, each note has also the country name on it where it was printed. you think euro italy is the same as euro germany? People there accepting it and get the one that says (germany) ASAP.:slight_smile:
Asia is a world in its own and China wants something more to there liking.
Currency based on the global warming carbon energy standard is a good start to “kill” the $ and then the squabbling starts.
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A Euro printed in Italy vs. one printed in Germany is the equivalent of a Dollar stamped Boston vs. one stamped Denver. They are the same. If people are really doing that they are idiots, and I hope the folks doing the conversions are making a spread on the deal. :cool:

Disagree with the “Idiots”, it’s Human behavior.
Same here with the towns that print there own “vouchers” against the dollar because you can get 100 Town-Money for $95.- and use the 100 in town. (Should be illegal but since it is a voucher or coupon and the shops in town accepting it only, it is not legal tender). Then you can go to your next town over that has there own voucher, guess what?
Yes, now you start trading there vouchers for your vouchers since your town has something that only is sold in your town. (Certain cloth? something grown locally…).
As long as the economy was good, money was flowing, everybody had money, nobody cared and would have gotten “town-money”, now it is a different situation. “Support Local” is the main theme, hire local, buy local, eat local… got the drift?
Same in Europe, additionally mentality differences are huge between North and South, East and West and that’s what drives it all, right into the Forex too. :slight_smile:
We need a EA for that :smiley:
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Oskar - I know you’re not really relating Euros printed by different central banks to vouchers created by towns. Euros are fungible. The vouchers are not.

But the town thing does bring up something that’s bugged me for a while. The constitution prohibits states from issuing their own currencies. We can perhaps extend that to municipalities as well. There was a story last year about a private citizen being arrested for creating Ron Paul dollars (or something like that). Putting aside the whole Ron Paul angle, I didn’t see anything in the constitution about people not being able to create their own currency. It may not be legal tender but that doesn’t prevent it from being a medium of exchange (like the vouchers). I’d love to hear some legal basis for the guy’s arrest by the Secret Services.

Correct, since Euro is legal tender, my point is, worse comes to worse everybody will start protecting there “local area”. Therefore, world-currency has still a long way to go.
I don’t think anybody right now in Babypips will see that day, except (always an exception) Tymen, since Methuselah was his nephew. :slight_smile:

[B]Oskar, you’re an idiot — but, I get a big kick out of reading your stuff![/B]

(just kidding about the “idiot” thing)


just a thought…

If the USD did stop being the world’s reserve currency, what would happen to its value?

It would drop right?

However, the Chinese, Japanese, and various other creditor nations have VAST amounts of money locked into the USD. They wouldn’t like a drop in the USD’s value very much now would they?

I can not even begin to fathom the how’s, never mind the why’s, of such an event happening. But I look forward to the reasoning behind your statement.

This is correct for the time being but the Chinese are warning the US already about the running money press. Conclusion, slowly and quietly Asia will switch to natural resources, other currency, invest in themselves and before the US wakes up they are sidelined.
History of other nations is proof of that.
Will it happen now, or in 5 years? Maybe not but 10 years out is a good possibility.
And the dollar as value will be just a other currency with a lousy exchange rate.
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The reason I know these things is, not because I am trying to be a blockhead, but rather that I have access to a lot more inside, secret information than you people have.

Only recently I spoke with a man from the Pentagon (yes, I am in Australia) who knows what is really going on - and I am correct in what I am saying.

Sorry Tymen but this pentagon people are the same that had not a clue about 9/11.
This pentagon people are the same that failed miserable with there own software they wrote.
This pentagon people are the same that squander away billions of dollar to shady (buddy?) contractors.
Now you are expecting them to know what is going on in the rest of the world?
Let them go back into there sandboxes and play with themselves. :slight_smile:

Again, I am confronted with nothing but ill informed sceptics.

I shall again refrain from posting here.
Nobody wants to hear sense.

You people will eat humble pie when you see these things happening right before your eyes!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Even then, you will not believe it is happening!! :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Tymen, be nice to us “unworthy” people, what time-frame you are talking about?