Global Wealth FX

Hi, has anybody experience with Global Wealth FX (GWT) Global Wealth Trading ??
I have an account with them and they are suddenly off-line, email is refused and telephone lines are not existing any more. My contacts there were Kevin Clay (American) an Maxime Peeters (Bel or Dutch)
They really won thrust by nice telephone calls an interest in my personal situation. Trading was very conservative and with low risk. I had a managing account and the profit per month was stable between 6 - 9%
Th cost’s were transparent and one trade a day, from about the 10 trades, 6 were profitable 25 Pips profit take, and 15 Pips stop-Loss.
On 27-3 they phoned me up that a fault was made by the trader, instead of a 10:1 leverage, a 100:1 was performed, this ment following them that it was out of line with the risk enclosure, and that they would get a fine from the “watch dog” another possibility was that the profit witch was made over the account holders was split. We had to upgrade the account with 5, 10 0r 20K and a guaranteed profit of 20% was included.
There was 48 hours window to do this. I decided first to do 13K and later another 10K, + 5K in the past, also a friend of me invested 20K in total. Indeed the forms were signed and the profit was put on the account straight away, all seemed to be ok. As i wanted to use this account for a retirement plan i made no with draw’s.
Strange that if they wanted to get the most out of it, the site was still open and the trading went on like all way’s, trades were much more profitable now, and contact wit Kevin Clay was normal and not different like it was in the past, we spoke again about future plans, and possibilities if the account would have grown over 50K.
Until 12-4-2017, when it all dissapeard, no access anymore, no contact no nothing, contact with the bank where the money was transferred had no success, because i am not a direct costumer, we try now if my own bank can do something about it.
Me and my friend feel very much being used, and fooled, I also get a private recherche company on it and i will follow these criminals everywhere they go, i pray for the day that i get my hands on them. Or get arrested by the police.

If anybody has info about this scam, please put it on-line to me.

Regard’s, Robert van Loenen (Netherland’s)

Hi Robert
I had also invested in Global Wealth, and Kevin / Maxime were my contact points as well. As you mentioned, returns were steady. Fortunately, I had started with 1000$USD, and while I was very actively encouraged to increase the amount, I resisted as I wanted to test these guys out - am quite glad I did. Now the website is down and phone is disconnected - I can only think of the worst. Sorry to hear about your loss.

I had exactly the same but with site offline since april 5th

Hi “Slowstedy” thank’s for yor reply, yes, i feel very much "taken"by these guys, i am collecting evidence from this fraud company, do you have any screenshot’s from the website?? or other info??
It will maybe help to find them.

Thank’s, Robert

Yes, i know this company as well, also Sakura FX a look alike company also dissapeard, I had a small investment in them, and all "gone by the wind"
If you heve any information about them, please snet them to me.

Thank’s, Robert

Hi Robert,
I was also scammed by them.
What do we do next to try and get these guys caught?

HI jorra8, my plan is to meet more people who are scammed by Global Wealth and collect as much evidence as possible.
Than together hire a private detective to find there real names, addresses and bank account’s, than we can claim our losses direct or start a civil procedure to get them to court.
The cost’s we can split, depending how many people we can get together
It will take some time, but it is possible.
Can you agree with this,? and do you know any other people/ victims of this company?

Regard’s, Robert

Agree. Is there a way that we can connect via e-mail?

You mean, Global Wealth FX in my opinion is it a broker? because, in my experience, brokers like this are springing up wildly. If you are not careful, you may end up with it

Why did you resurrect a 2017 post? Are you trying to achieve something with it?

I do not know what you are trying to say? But, the name on it a few users. and I also care about that name.
I used to buy strategies here but then the website disappeared strangely

Hello, RvanLoenen! My friend had the same problem with the Global Wealth trading company. It seems they are just disappeared with all money affirmation from the investors. My friend has all the required papers, and he invested around 40 000$ in this scam project. I hope you guys will sue these scammers and at least take your bloody earned money back. Unfronatelly in times of the global COVID-19 pandemic appeared many scam projects that pretend to be crypto trading companies with huge propositions for the investors. We need to be more attentive while making some investigations.