Goal: 1% return daily....forever

is this a reasonable goal to aim for. :smiley:

are any of u doing it.

you can achieve, but dont be greedy, dont be emotional.
but remember, you CANT see successfull trade daily…

1% per day? Remember, taking compound interest into account, this would be > 700% per year.

With a return like that, you would be the champion of the best of the best of the best traders in the world.

Sure, there have been people doing that. But the emotional pressure is so high, that after some months you’ll start thinking about another career with less stress. Airtraffic controller, for example…

Honestly, I’m trading live for some months now, and I aim for a mean return of 2-3% per MONTH, up to 5%-7% in a good month. Which would make 20%-60% per year. And this is still quite ambitious. I could make possibly more, but the risk would be so high that I could get psychologically seriously devastated. Please don’t underestimate this danger.

I think it’s a great goal to shoot for! You should halways have goals, even if they are lofty. And you should think more like averaging 1% a day, which would be better. There will be days when you lose.

I just started my live account, and my goal is 10% a week. That’s more than your 1% a day … but I use a hedging method, gaining on swap. I’ve been demoing and averaging 10% a week easily … my first week with my live account and I am up 23%.

The post above me seems to have numbers more into the stock market range. If we were trading stocks, I would agree you should expect 20-60% a year … but a good forex system should net you a lot more. Just trading corellating pairs and making money on swap, I can make over 100% a year.

Yeah, right, but from what I’ve learned now, I would never recommend somebody to start with 1% per day as goal. The problem is: You will never reach that goal at the beginning, then you start getting nervous, and start looking for some of these ‘secret ways to forex’. And when you have made a loss, you start to take too big risks to regain these ‘1% per day’.

My goal was and still is: Learn seriously how the forex market is working and how profitable strategies could work. Profit is optional (but surely will come when I do things right).

And my 20%-60% per year return is planned definitely for forex. This is because I employ a super-strict risk management with razor-sharp calculated position sizes. I don’t want my life account to be wiped out by a series of bad trades. And every trading system has bad trades.

Perhaps I will make more in the long term. I won’t be unhappy, of course, but I cannot know. I really think for the beginning it’s the best to expect to get NOTHING from the markets. 0%, literally. Learn, learn, learn, there is no other way.

ur right, i think difficult part is achieving it everyday. sometimes it doesn’t work out, and sometimes also greed can come into play or that feeling where u feel like its going to work when u give urself a nother kick at the can only to diverge further from the target.

but then again, i believe 1% can be achieved, some days it will take much longer, just gotta have that patience and timing. of course, easier said than done.

1% per day is totally do-able.

Short-term trades with substantial margin, where a trend is allready in place works fine for me ( in equities that is :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Just don’t get greedy and focus on risk/money management.

You all have a good point to mention. But I think that most of you forgot the main point. I have been stating for months that the system does not matter. It is all money management. Winning 70% of the time is almost easy. It is keeping your profits that is the hard part. And as far as not letting a newbie know what to expect is wrong because everyone is differnt. If you tell some people that 1% a day is doable then they will think that you are full of BS where other people will think that, that is not enough. If you really want to see money management at work then check out the post “lets do an experiment.”

3% ROI today.

so does this mean i get to rest for the next 2 days. haha.