Going offshore to escape the CFTC

So a few days back I chatted with a FinPro rep about bank wire deposit and he said only bircoin at the moment, but to email them for more info. So i sent them an email and they never replied (been over 5 days now)… From what i gather this is the best or one of the better brokers US traders have available. Yet they won’t answer a simple email?

As a result, if I do, I will most likely deposit a smaller amount than what I had in mind.

I’ve been looking into opening an account with FxChoice also. Anyone here who has traded with both and has a preference?

Thanks for the link hyper. I think I’ve decided to give a go with Oanda. I’ll cough up the extra capital. Finpro seems good, I don’t like how they keep their clients in the dark with regards to issues like this. It gives me the impression they don’t value their customers, only their commissions.

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I use Oanda myself. They have stuff they can definitely improve on but atleast I know I can get my money out more importantly.

Yes, I read that after my post… I have no idea, lack of explanation/cutting off communication is always suspect.

I’m currently with Turnkey & Coinexx and never had a problem with either so far. However, my withdrawals are always via crypto in 4-5 figure amounts on a regular basis, and my trading strategy is not viewed as toxic flow by brokers or their LPs.

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I have to say this… I really miss the old forum software from years ago, this one SUCKS! I hated it from day 1 and i still can’t stand it years later.

If you respond to someone’s post sometimes it’s grouped and sometimes it’s not. Even if it’s grouped with the original post it still shows the response again later in the thread.

Things can get really confusing, it’s god awful!

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Server location of JAFX as per MQL5 website, the server is called JAFX-Real3

Here is the screenshot from MQL5 from Hugosway server , which again is located on Geddes Avenue, in Ann Harbour Michigan, USA.

Both have similar ping speed of 6.52 ms from NY

Same ping speed with same server location and same price feed. What more of a proof we need? Now obviously anyone can claim that they are using same service provider as turnkeyfx giving it to finpro and turnkeyforex. However, it still does not rule out the fact that JAFX is a scam and John Anthony has been involved in many scams over the years and whatever technology provider he is using, will not be ethical to their core

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Agree ! the old forum one was any day better

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are you still with finpro trading?

Can you define “toxic flow”?


Reading all this drama about Finpro has me rattled. I contacted customer service and showed them the Forex Peace Army link and advised that they have a representative touch base with the community. Trading Forex is a serious business for me and hearing a story about a guy building his account up only to find out after years that his profits are trapped is beyond nightmarish. I have spent thousands upon thousands of hours over 2.5 years trading full-time - and when I say full-time, I mean FULL TIME - until I was able to develop a successful trading mentality and a system that fits my personality. I am profitable now and I am expecting to make a lot of money for a lot of years. I am considering moving to a U.S. broker. I never trade more than 1% of my account at a time with maybe 4-5 trades on at once. I am a swing trader so ultra-low spreads are not a requirement. Any advice?

I’m even considering contacting some prop trading firms to see what kind of brokerage conditions I would have with them. I’m certain they would be interested in someone with my background but have been hesitant to “share” if you know what I mean…


A prop firm is only going to care about your proven track record and you’re ability to make $$$ with them. Being cagey with them will only send you out the door.

That “Scammed by Turnkey Forex!” thread strikes me odd on several counts.

For one the guy acts under the assumption that he holds all the cards with an unregulated broker. He does not. He simply is allowed to trade with them outside current US restrictions. Being unregulated also means the broker can make up their own rules. Acting entitled isn’t going to help his case either.

I also know some brokers don’t like people portraying as retail when they are running complex algos as a business. That’s why some brokers ask that question upon sign up. There’s also plenty of brokerages that will shut down pattern traders, etc if they sense something is afoul. Even in a regulated brokerage.

The golden rule dealing with these offshore outfits is to never have all your egg’s in one basket, and only hold enough on any brokerage that you’re willing to part with.

If i had 250k+ account to trade with, then I would most likely go straight to to a futures brokerage in the states.


And I fail you understand they (the active participants of the conversation) fail to understand this. Its all about broker shaming off late .

And I wonder why we need to bring the conversations from another forum and discuss them here, when there is already a conversation going on FPA and these guys themselves are participants to it?

Do they want to see or buy into something & even if they do, why are they hell bent on proving that their allegations ? Have been reading the same things being tossed again and again.

Amused ! But I’ll be watching this circus :wink:

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most traders like higher leverage that’s why we went offshore, sound like you don’t need the higher leverage

Does Finpro finally admit that they are owned by the exact same person as Turnkey?

To be honest, the ONLY reason I’m offshore is due to requiring access to multiple brokers so I can split my overall ticket size across all of them simultaneously. If the CME had crosses with liquidity I would be trading on exchange.

Gain is a bucket shop with subpar spreads and worse than 50:1 leverage on most pairs. Oanda manipulates their spreads around reports.

I do have Oanda raw core pricing which charges $10 commission and requires >10K deposit. That is probably your best bet in the states.

yes, I’m still there. I use an EA to copy my trades to them as well as 4 other brokers. My last withdrawal was late Oct via bitcoin.

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Toxic flow is any type of trading that risks the market maker broker/LP (ultimate market maker on the other side of all your trades) being able to consistently hedge your trades for a profit via internal client matching or utilizing multi bank ecns.

  1. Scalping in fast markets
  2. Arbitrage (taking advantage of latency in their feed vs another broker/venue
  3. News trading in fast markets
  4. On the institutional side of things… Sweeping an aggregated order book containing multiple executing banks forcing all of them to attempt to hedge your total order in the open market simultaneously.


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lol, you are so correct