Going offshore to escape the CFTC

Until now USDC and ETH were working pretty well. I’ll take a look at it. Thanks for your help.

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This has me thinking. I know that many banks stopped allowing the purchase of crypto a few years back, when bitcoin exploded, scammers were rampant and regulation was still caching up. Doesn’t seem likely, but it is possible that your bank may be holding you up, so you might check with them, if you haven’t already, to see if they have made any policy changes in that regard.

Another possibility is simply that Coinbase has decided to check your account to see if you are using it for one of the prohibited reasons as outlined on their terms of use/policy page. Either your triggered something, or they had an internal policy change or random account check etc. Who really knows?

The other possibility is if your account has been idle for some time, and you triggered a manual check when trying to initiate a bank transfer out of nowhere. Other than that, the usual things, such as recently changing bank/account information etc. may cause certain security measures to be carried out in an effort to protect your funds.

This is (or was supposed to be) one of the benefits of cryptocurrency…that we take control of our own money, that no government or organization can control it. Governments and corporations are scrambling to do just that, and until cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, the use of heavily-controlled fiat currency will be a required go-to as a means for procurement.


i also must of trigger something with coinbase pro because they set my ach transfer to zero, i haven’t use coinbase pro ach transfer in like 2yrs so maybe that’s the reason


Wow, that is concerning that it is coinbase pro, not just coinbase. So is it probable that I know need to split the 15% of my trading capital I hold at coinbase pro among several crypto exchanges the way I have my 35% split among 5 brokers? Once again, I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE DOING THIS IN WHAT IS CONSIDERED THE LAND OF THE FREE!!! The brokers you allow me to choose from are pure market making scammers with inflated spreads, the CFTC actually CREATED this environment. Of course, the non-protection of funds has nothing to do with the brokers, that’s the CFTC itself which PROHIBITS them from insuring our funds. Please, I beg, I can live with 50:1, just put it across all pairs, get rid of the 20:1 on GBP, Brexit is over!!! Protect my funds and actually REGULATE THE BROKER. I will be happy to trade with CFTC broker.

Sorry, must have fallen asleep and was dreaming for 3 minutes.


i must show love to eaglefx for reaching out to me just got an email from them

Dear James,

I trust this email finds you well.

We can see that you have been trading with us but as a courtesy, I wanted to reach out to see if there is anything we can do to help or assist you.

At your convenience, please reply to this email with a suitable time for us to reach you. Alternatively, you can reach us on our live chat which is available 24/7 or via call back request. Kindly note that all details can be found on our contact page.

Additionally, we strongly suggest enabling your 2FA, if you have not done so already. This is an extra layer of security that will keep your information and funds even more secure.

Kind Regards,



Coinbase alternatives;

1-)”CashApp” :white_check_mark:
2-) Abra
3-) CryptoCom
4-) Uphold
5-) Gemini “(too slow)” never going to use again.


Are these FDIC insured? Part of my risk mitigation strategy is about 15% of my trading capital be kept in USD at coinbase pro as a reserve for margin. USD at coinbase pro is insured.


Apparently they are not.

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That wouldn’t work for me, might as well park it at the broker. I rarely do any type of deposit from my bank at coinbase pro, it’s always money coming in from broker’s crypto addresses. So when folks are saying their bank accounts are flagged, it doesn’t seem to be because of the addresses the incoming crypto is coming from, it seems more of an issue with their actual bank account. Are they even able to track the source of the crypto address? I suppose I could rotate withdrawals so they’re not all coming in at the same time, this way if they were to flag the account I’m withdrawing to, it would be minimal loss. Once again, can’t emphasize enogh, SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DO THIS, trading is tough enough!!!



I got almost the exact same word-for-word email from Crypto Rocket:

Dear Client,

We hope that you are well today.

When attempting to call you via phone today, I could not reach you. As you have been trading with us, we wanted to reach out and see if you needed any further assistance at this time.

Please kindly reply to this email with a suitable time for us to reach you or alternatively we do offer a live chat on our website that is available 24/7. On our contact page, you can also see all our details and a call back request form. This form allows you at any time to request a call from one of our dedicated agents.

In closing, we would like to suggest that you enable 2FA on your account. You can activate this by clicking onto your account and heading to “Settings”. Should you encounter any issues in enabling 2FA, please do not hesitate to contact us where we will assist you in setting this up.

We hope that you enjoy the rest of your day.

Best Regards,


(BTW, I’m a lurker here in BabyPips, been trading for about 5 years, been offshore for 5 years, thanks to everyone for maintaining this thread with good information)


They have always been able to track sources of crypto addresses. This has always been the biggest problem with US regulations and Coinbase.Or any other US regulated broker for that matter. There’s a chap who had his account frozen because funds were sent from his Wasabi mixer wallet. People sending from different mixer/tumbler services sets off flags as well. I guess If running into problems, one could always show transaction log from the broker to show source.

Even tho CB is “regulated”, doesn’t mean crap if they have free will to freeze funds without recourse. If it was a bank you would have the option to call or walk in and dispute. One of many reasons why I am slowly progressing to 100% trading futures.


Yes, but then they win. Futures doesn’t have nearly the flexibility, profit potential or nearly as many instruments(currency). I trade mostly crosses, there is literally no liquidity on those.


Thanks @TraderO. Agreed about Gemini. Very slow and I think they use bots for tech support. Worst experience ever.

Cashapp has a lot of mentions here, so I’m going to try that.

I was in the middle of getting Uphold running when I saw this message. Maybe they will be a good alternative. Anyone here actually using them?

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Yeah crosses are pretty thin. Since the market crash been mostly trading DOW and gold on occasion. All the offshore peeps seems to have decent offerings for DOW but am starting to use futures account more and more.

I honestly don’t see US regs loosening on crypto anytime soon. So far it’s been a one way street with players exiting the market and more restrictions added.

If and when major banks adopt direct acceptance and processing then that will be a watershed event. But as it is, jumping through hoops and crossing your fingers is getting old.


The only option I would consider in the US, is the forex dot com DMA offering, but they’re charging $6 each way in commission, so double what I pay now, and of course, due to the low leverage my entire capital would have to be on deposit with them for margin. They’re pretty big, so not too concerned, but still have no gold, indicies, 20:1 on GBP, etc…


So are you having any issues with broker>coinbse pro> your bank? Is this just an issue when trying to initiate a deposit? Or is your account flagged for withdrawals as well?

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no i was saying coinbase pro took my daily bank transfer from 50k to 0. i don’t know why.

i been using coinebase for my broker withdrawal then paypal from coinbase because upto 25k it’s instant

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Oh wow, wasn’t aware. So coinbase pro to paypal is instant as opposed to the up to 24 hours from coinbase pro to bank account? So with eaglefx and then uisng paypal, you are from broker to money IN YOUR HAND in like 30 minutes?


hold on, i get my bitcoin address from coinbase not coinbase pro to do my withdrawal from my broker, after my bitcoins comes in i sell them on coinbase after that i send USD to my paypal account witch is instant and from there i do another instant transfer to my bank from paypal for a max fee of $10

this hole process takes less then 30minutes after i get my bitcoins from eaglefx witch sometimes can take 2hrs

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in about 3hrs i can have 25k in my bank account with eaglefx and cryptorocket same day withdrawals

EDIT: sometimes withdrawals from broker can take upto 12hrs but most of the time it’s under 4hrs

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