Going offshore to escape the CFTC

You got me to sign up with EagleFx, so far pretty pleased. Super fast withdrawals!

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dude my main 3 brokers are coinexx, eaglefx and cryptorocket, love the last two because of same day withdrawals i wish coinexx get it together and speed up the process they do pay withdrawals but can take over the 48hrs stated on their website


Yeah, I think that guy worked for whoever he was promoting. Have had no such issues.

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Is there much of a difference between eaglefx and cryptorocket? Instruments, spreads. etc?

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LOL. Yeah right.

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I did a quick comparisons on the favorite commodities and indexes with three different brokers. Coinexx still the lowest margin requirements of them all. EagleFx’s LP looks to have increased their margins requirements on DOW by a lot compared to others.


EDIT: yes everything pretty much the same including same day withdrawals, i replace LQDFX with cryptorocket

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Where Is Clint i haven’t seen him posted in this thread for a minute

I’m here. — I’m always here. :sunglasses:

I read everything posted in this thread.

You guys are carrying the ball, and you’re doing a great job.

There’s no need for me to butt in.


I just hit the pause button when the spreads get ridiculous.

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You may have created a self-perpetuating monster of sorts… :slight_smile:

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I received from FX Choice:


Markets are currently going through difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic and the global response to it.

Across trading platforms and asset classes, the effects may be:
– spreads growing to a multiple of what we’re all used to (like at this very moment),
– volatility may exceed familiar levels,
– market trends may be even harder to predict than usual.

If you’re currently trading, please exercise extreme caution and make sure to keep track of your available margin and account balance to avoid margin calls.

Take care,
The FXChoice team

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i got the same email, did we get one last week? because the market been going crazy at least 2 weeks now

in times like these we need a little motivation

I think more so today it was sent out because on a lot of brokers Gold spreads were 500+. Osprey and Kot gold spreads were only 150 and went back to normal. That could have wiped a lot of people out.


can anyone share the balance they are willing to keep in a single broker listed here?

it’s well known to spread out our funds to multiple brokers and not keep 100% in the broker, but what is the max you are willing to keep in a broker? 50k, 100k, 500k?

of course its subjective to one’s comfort level and financial situation, but i’d like to hear your opinion of what is your limit?

IMO your opinion provides context for other traders with lower funds that are paranoid going offshore. knowing other traders might be keeping 10x to 30x the balance in a broker would probably ease this anxiety.

also, to those that were trying to qualify for ECP for US brokers and failed, what did you end up doing?

if you ended up splitting the funds up with the offshore brokers listed here, did the broker provide a dedicated account manager due to the large account size?

10k and withdraw. I wouldnt trust a offshore with more than 25k. If your day trading. My personal preference is keep whatever in there that I am prepared to lose/never get back from the broker.

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I only keep the amount on the account that im willing to lose. Just in case of a market/broker shenanigans. Never the entire balance. I only need about 10-20K for margin and withdraw profits on regular basis.


when i had a 30k account i split it up with 3 offshore brokers i continue to use this practice


Coinexx withdrawal page is down today. Are you all experiencing the same?