Going offshore to escape the CFTC

The MT4 related withdrawal features at Coinexx seem to be fine.

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This was MT5 Withdrawal from my.Coinexx page. Anyways it is working fine now. Looks like they were upgrading and/or working on MT5. Thanks for checking.

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This volatility has been fantastic, this has been my best month trading FX since 08… and I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

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Yes sir gotta love the volatility :face_with_monocle:

The only thing keeping me up at night is a Jan 2015 CHF type event, somthing similar to what happened last week in Oil (gap down 30%) occurring during a day session… scary stuff.

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I would be more curious about how long it takes most traders to double their account. The sooner that you are able to trade with house money, the sooner that you are able to ignore such considerations. But, even so, risk tolerance is subjective and may change over time.

Some online sources maintain trading data for various brokers, allowing you to see some account sizes and such.


i prob have too much in one broker – fx choice, been with them a while and ive climbed up some levels on the pip program commission discount thing. on top of this, they took out the USD wires, making me eat the conversion fee if i wanna withdraw out through EUR wire or BTC.

at the end of the day, ive just been lazy and need to start diversifying like you guys

it would be great to hear from ECP ppl though – how do you divvy up a 5 to 10 million USD trading account among 3 or 4 of the more trusted offshore brokers here. we’re talking about 1 mil+ on each offshore broker


If you’re ECP, you don’t need to.Just use the ASIC regulated IC Markets, Pepperstone. Funds are safe and you get 500:1 if you want it.

If you are here reading this, then you do not qualify for ECP! Most likely…

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I can double a $50 account in an hour or so, while watching TV. :slight_smile:


so true :rofl::laughing:

LOL you were the quickest to give the right answer! :rofl::joy:

oops i need to clarify, i was referring to the “ECP ppl” as in, the ppl trying to apply for it but got rejected, so they have to resort to US friendly offshore brokers listed here, with a large account (3 to 5m+).

but yes im sure there aren’t many that are trying to qualify that read this thread. figured it was worth the shot :slight_smile:

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Indeed. And even faster than that if you really wanted to. But, adjustments should be made over time unless the trader is only looking to profit from a small account indefinitely.

So just signed up for Eaglefx as well. Moving forward funds will be split between;

Trader’s Way (been using them forever)

Eaglefx has leverage share trading as well. Made $257 on a $2.57 move on apple.

Just further solidifies the regulations in the US are simply to prevent the non-wealthy from making money.
I mean, seriously, when you look at what is available in most of the world, it is complete joke


Is this a new offering? I cannot seem to find anything about it on their website. What leverage is offered for stocks? Thanks.

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Strange, I do not see it on their site either. I just opened account, hit select all in the market watch, there’s like 65 stocks. I did a one lot order and made 100x the price movement, so I imagine 100:1 on stocks. To be honest, I was in and out quick as I thought one lot was only going to give me 10:1.


How!? :sob:

Wow congrats man! I have so much to learn smh. Are you an intraday trader usually?

eagle/crypto/Hugo all offer share trading since they all use the exact same backend platform… I believe it’s 20:1.

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