Going offshore to escape the CFTC

Can anyone here clarify for me the legal ramifications of a USA citizen trading CFDs with an offshore broker? I know it’s illegal for USA brokers to offer CFDs, butwould I get in trouble for trading CFDs, with say, TradersWay?

It is not illegal for you to chose an offshore broker. You will most likely have no recourse if something happens other then posting on FPA. The licensed and authorized broker in the US has to answer to the regulators if there’s a complaint/problem.


Awesome, thanks my dude.

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I always worry about these smaller offshore brokers in times like this…

There’s 3-4x the normal volatility right now, so who is really on the other side of your trades becomes even more critical.

The broker may be STP and using an agency model rather than market making, but at the end of the day what exactly are their LPs doing? Are they offloading trades by internally matching/interbank market or market making B booking just at a higher level?

Whomever the broker has an account with higher in the food chain could get skittish with all the volatility/damage to their own balance sheet and demand more capital from the broker causing a cash crunch.


Are these complaints a broker problem are a LP problem, because those tactics have been use by scam brokers for a long time now when they are on the other side of your trade



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Wouldn’t you guys like to know. :grin: Anyway, it sounds like you are already doing fine, Hyper.
I am strictly an indicator/price-action trader (manual trading only). I have an unusually high success rate, but it has taken some years to develop. Even if I shared the rules, there is no guarantee that people will succeed with it because you cannot teach understanding. Anyway, here is a screenshot of my chart:

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Yeah. I mean, you can jump on Breakdowns with BIG SIZE,
for example, and scalp. But a strategy like that, done mechanically,
with no secondary predictors, is likely to fail as often as it

[EDIT] like here we have Price at the top; and a Secondary predictor
of Breakdown below, based on the DOM:

[edit] The secondary DOM-based predictor in a potential
Breakdown scenario is independent of Price.


C’mon what’s your secret? I am yearning for “easy” :slight_smile:

Easy is relative. I saw a video yesterday of a fellow showcasing his scalping method and although it might be ‘easy’ for him, I am confident that it is going to lead to many people blowing up their accounts:

If he really is trading this way, and profiting consistently (without being liquidated on a regular basis), then he likely spent a great deal of time developing that skill. But, even so, I suspect that he either does not trade this way on a regular basis, or, he likely loses a lot of money over the long-term. Nonetheless, I know of traders that trade solely off of what is happening on the order book (crypto exchange). It is possible, I’m sure. Whether or not it is reliable, I cannot say. Several ways to skin a cat, as they say.

I often hear successful traders say that the simplest strategies are often the best. And I agree with that, to a point. For example, I do not use all of the indicators on my chart all of the time, and I certainly do not let them dictate my trading. I rely heavily on price movement, and that requires understanding across multiple time-frames. But what may seem easy for me now, in actuality, took a great deal of time to grasp…not because it was difficult to understand, but because I refused to surrender to its simplicity and kept searching for ways to trade that were perfect and allowed me to trade more often.

Off-topic, I know. Sorry. At least there is an entertaining video.

EDIT: By the way, when I say ‘price action’, I just mean the overall movement of the market. I realize that I am not as technical as some here.


The title is a bit misleading. He makes it seem like he started with $1,100 balance, which is obviously not the case. I think he sells a course or something if I recall.

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im going to delete my post

I cannot agree more than your statement above. I eliminated indicators as much as possible and simply focused as much as I could to learn price action. Also very true the statement to time frames. If one understands different time frames than IMHO there is no need for too many fancy indicators.


I’m glad this is soooooo off-topic or I’d be motivated to disagree
with lots of it. For example:

Price action does not predict future price action.
Possibly: Patterns of Price actions MAY predict future price action.
An independent Predictor needs to be used to predict price
action; otherwise, I’d say it is not predictable.
If you are Warren Buffett or infinitely rich, then you can
play the widest range that price action throws at you…
So, you have to Predict the Future usng a Predictor
which is independent of just Price itself.
Indicators based on Price Action are just indicative of
past and current price action; and are not predictors
of future price action, most likely.

[EDIT] But, fortunately, it’s off-topik so I have NO COMMENT. :slight_smile: :rofl:

[EDIT2] And let’s not forget that Price action isn’t determined by the
same factors across multiple tradable entities. A stock price struggles
upward and can easily crash when confidence is lost in the stock’s
company’s prospects. BUT let’s consider FOREX. It is driven by
completely different principles; which are the INTERACTION between
2 INDEPENDENT variables, Currency A and Currency B which is
why that “price action” doesn’t respond to the same principles as
some other similarly referenced as “price action” so…
PriceActionA != PriceActionB and there’s no reason to assume
similar underlying principles apply… But I digress, since I have


Hi Hyper,

I am always reading with lots of interest your emotions full posts.

What you forget often is that there are multiple ways of making money. You always write your comments like your way is the ONLY way. Well, it is not :slight_smile:

There are some books something about market wizards, turtles and other traders, maybe you should look into it, as far as I know not too many EAs were in it, although they were other times but they show how many ways people made money.

I stick to it what Methos also said: the simpler the better. I know there is no need to program thousands of things to make money. It does not mean you cannot, but it is still not needed.

One more thing: as longer I am into it, the more I believe: nobody can predict price, nobody did and nobody will be able to do it. If anyone could, then there is no need for money management because we would always go all-in.

What we can do however is to use our knowledge, data, whatever we call it, that can give us a probability advantage that over the long term the probability plays out and we will make money.

However if you are an exception, please tell me at what price EURUSD will be in 6 hours from this moment and if you are right, then I follow your predictions :slight_smile:

But as it is soooo off topic, I have NO COMMENT! :slight_smile:



Question for computer nerds, can you tell me base on the custom specs below is this computer worth $3,800

Motherboard: ASUS Prime X570-Pro AMD Motherboard

Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 3.5GHz - 4.7GHz Max Turbo (16-Core, 32-Thread)

CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U12S High End CPU Cooler (Ultra Quiet!)

System Memory: 128GB DDR4-2666 RAM (four 32gb sticks)

Power Supply: 850 Watt SeaSonic 80+ GOLD Certified - Hybrid Silent Fan Control - Fully Modular

Video Card: 6 Monitor Support - 4x DVI, 2x HDMI (NVIDIA 710 GT)

Case: Cooler Master H500P Mesh Gray - RGB Lights - Lights can be turned On/Off

Hard Drive #1 (Primary): 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus Series PCI-E NVMe M.2 SSD

Sound Card: Integrated 8-Channel High Definition Audio

Optical Drive #1: LG 24x DVD/CD Burner SATA - Jamless Play + M-DISC Support (Internal)

Network: LAN Port - Fast 10/100/1000Mbps

Additional Networking: Wireless Card - Dual Band TP-LINK AX3000 (Archer TX3000E) WIFI 6 - Bluetooth 5.0

Case Fans: Quiet Fan Package - No LED lights

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-Bit

Software (security): Microsoft Security - FREE

Product Warranty: Deluxe Warranty Coverage

Does not appear to be worth $3800. Did not add everything up, and without knowing specific brands on some items, it’s difficult to be accurate.

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you can see


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I priced out a similar configuration on Ibuypower and came was about $800-$1k less. That was with 64 gigs of ram tho.

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There is only ONE way to make money ! And that is to CORRECTLY
PREDICT THE FUTURE outcome of your investment or your
er… trade . That is not debatable.

The degree to which you are accurate in predicting future
outcomes, whether by some systematic analysis, or by
“using a crystal ball”, the more consistently you will be

There are many possible approaches. Guessing is one of
them, but it doesn’t work. A stopped clock AM/PM time is
correct TWICE a day, but that doesn’t help you know the time ! :rofl:

Generalizing about this market versus that market and saying
that Price Action works the same way, or is driven by the same
predictors, is nonsense. TRADERS who are successful, must
become SPECIALISTS in some method, and that method must
be able, successfully, and consistently, to predict future price.

Most of what I’m saying is non-controversial, since it is just true
by definition; and the rest of it is based on my (hope) that analytics
will be predictive (and not just descriptive of what just happened).

Trading is NOT gambling, or it shouldn’t be. To the degree that you
can put the odds in your favor, by whatever method, the better your
percentage of positive outcomes will be, just looking at it with a
statistical frame of mind.

nOBODY, including me, has perfect predictors, but saying “The simpler
the better” is no way to be successful at trading, IN MY VIEW. Yes,
simplicity is great, and maybe you can meditate on Price Action which
thereby yields a predictive urge, act on that urge, and WIN somehow,
and maybe you don’t even know what you are doing, but you are
Winning, so you must be doing something right !! But unless you can
explain to us, and to yourself, the general principles you are using, then
I find that unsatisfactory. NO OFFENSE, just IMHO (my opinion).

I want to act from “scientific” or at least “systematic” principles, so
I require the ability to explain (to myself at least) how I’m making
predictions. It helps to distinguish between “lucky guessing” and
a “trading method” which may be successful.

[EDIT] By the way, my ongoing research into a TIME MACHINE
which let’s me peek 1-10 minutes into the future; is ongoing research :rofl:


so you think with 64 more rams is worth the price tag

how bout this one