GOLD long term targeting 1500

Thought to share this chart, let me know what you think… the chart should be self explanatory

Gold prices have become quite unpredictable these days, but i would agree on your point that on long run certainly this previous metal is in huge demand and hence longing with good backup is profitable but this requires lots of patience.

Gold will go up

Gold in general is a lasting short. 'Historically seen what is happenning at the mooment happened in the 70ies aswel the same. It went up into sky direction full of unrealistic expectations. Whoever invested in gold in the 70 at its peak got out at 0 only 30 years later. The exact same thing happened the last few years when gold went up to 1900+ it reached a historical high which was mostly driven by media and speculants. The speculant are gone, the media is quiet and gold is falling slowly but steady. In my personal opinion gold will fall over the next few years to 700/600, maybe even 400/500 before it can be considered to go up again.

At the moment gold is only for shorts and only for people who like to hold onto trades for not to much time. And even if you want to go in gold, id look only for good shorting, no long position at all.