Gold news schedule, where to find?

Is there any site that lists news release times, which might affect gold? Something like the sites listing forex news. I don’t need articles for fundamentals, I am just looking for time of news release to avoid potential gaps, like what happened yesterday around US open.

Why dont people trade Palladium? Its actually a good market.



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I can’t find any gold calendar as such, it’s all currencies. Did you mean that I should just watch USD because they are correlated?

Halloo! What TF do you trade Palladium? I’ve been kitty curious about Palladium and Platinum too. Any particular reason you wuv Palladium? ^~^

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Few mates do both, Platinum and Palladium. This year has seen quite a lot of gains from it.

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Good to kitty hear that! I havv another broker offering both metals but I havent really explored it. Imma try a few practice runs first and maybe one day i’ll do samm live tuwwades too! :cat:

What timeframe do you trade it on? :cat:

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Makes sense to trade on a demo first.
I dont trade it, some traders that I know do it!

the spread is quite high on those 2, and during high volatility it s gonna be even higher, but both are interesting to trade. i trade mostly gold, but been checking them out for quite a while.

XAUUSD(gold) is influenced by dollar news mostly, so that s what u should be looking out for, also gold has a very high negative correlation with USDJPY, something to be aware of.
my gold trade from today, a 3rd from initial risk banked, stop at BE, let some run


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I think that there are several websites where you can find news related to trading gold. However, if you need fundamentals, then it is better to follow US news, as gold is negatively correlated to USD with time leg

Yes, that whole pair which is relates like gold - usd it’s probably something which is considered those anyway. But strategies and so on are quite unique and you better look for them and not for some sources of how much it will probably cost.

Since it’s so sensitive to risk on/off…I just wait for meaningful events…no lack of those lately. Us-Sino trade difficulties amplified in significance last spring hence the impressive rise in Gold…news of real progress put a fair dent in top levels finally…then that downward move gains strength lately from more concrete steps towards some form of resolution in trade spats…
Is it just me or isn’t this pretty simple? Of course one cannot assume what happens next week, otherwise 1-2 day trades have been plentiful

FF (forexfactory) or myfxbook.