GOLD price watch the daily closing

XAUUSD currently trades near the resistance area 1795. If the price break and close above this level the next upside levels to watch 1805 and 1815. On the downside, the immediate support at 1780 then 1772.

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I have a question, is gold trading is really safe? I mean if i start gold trading then, how much investment do i need??

To answer that question, we would need to know what you define as “safe”. And with what other type of trading would you be comparing it with?

I have invested in gold for over 30 years but I have rarely traded it. I maintain track of the gold/silver ratio, and if it varies much from 1/50 (price of one ounce of silver is one fiftieth of the price of one ounce of gold), I favour silver. If less I favour gold. But I have only ever “traded” gold when I opened an account with a broker to trade PAXG (cryptocurrency). But I did not use leverage so technically that was not a trade.

If you can define safe and compared with what you may get more answers

Well, I am in a short from 1900. Fixed some profit on 1760 today. Thank you for your analytics, pal. I am new to trading, but I am already 30% in profit since I started. Actually, I am helpful that there are people who share their forecasts and predictions. Here is one more gold price forecast I used for my trades

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Me too, i used to invest in gold