Gold & Silver

Anybody have anything to add to the overall direction of XAG/USD?

[B]Here is what I have my fingers crossed for:[/B]

Closest Resistance at 13.4964 & if it breaks this level I dont see it stopping until it gets to 13.9635 or the Psychological stop 14!

Supp @ 13.1601
Supp @ 13.1529
Supp @ 13.0000
Supp @ 12.9000
Supp @ 12.7811

I am long here and will swing to 13.4964. The price action should follow the bull trendline which extends from the June 14th Bottom to Present

What do you guys think???

:confused: 25 Views and No Response??? Whats goin’ on?

I like looking at gold too but am a lot less confident about it.

Its been on a fantastic run recently but as i’m writtting it seems to have broken the support of 665… i’m not too sure how critical that is to the trend but it certainly aint good.

I have a question too how are you quoting gold… i can’t make sense of your prices?

stucros. i think he was talking about XAG/USD…not XAU/USD
anyways. i thinking about going long on gold…the price is near the support of the trend line…just looking for some price action to support it…
as for silver…the price is below my trend line…not sure if it will continue its upward trend or not…stoc says that its oversold on the 3hr chart…so maybe it will go up…so im just waiting…

thanks - that makes a lot more sense��… have you gone long?
One of the commentators I read regularly (and have a great deal of respect for) has been bullish of gold since the beginning of the year but since it broke 665 resistance has turned very bearish.
I�m going to watch at the sidelines but gold does interest me!