Gold ends lower as investors await U.S. and Japanese central banks

Looks like a buy to me.

Often wrong-never in doubt.

Even if you buy the target shouldn’t be higher than 1242, I think. There could be a short retracement, but I don’t think this is the end of the move to the downside.

I am vote gold will bearish few week ahead, but I don’t know for sure, because on weekly already appear bearish wave and after few week old move on ranging market which seems so hard will break high

I think we should expect a drop too. It might even fall as low as 1200 again.

Last week, I made overall here 300 pips! Till now I’m trying to sell again from nearest resistant point! In order to my personal observation massive sell off is coming soon, till 1115. If I get strong bullish movements here, then I may go for buy trade otherwise not! Whatever, Gold trading is much enjoyable because of much volatility here!

There may be some positive movement in the near future based on this Fibonacci Pattern.

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It’s logical for there to be a retracement after such a drop. I still wouldn’t dare open long positions now though.

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Thankyou to share good video, but unfortunately I can`t understand language on your talk in video, seems indian or others, what simple strategy still not yet get the point, usually I am trading on gold with look on monthly and weekly as trigger major trend

Got a bullish signal today in gold. The price went down below short term support yesterday and bounced back forming a bullish pin on a daily chart. That’s a buy for me. I expect long term bullish trend to resume when price breaks above 1350.

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Gold broke out above $1,200 again, the retracement may last at least to $1,220.

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The Ever Urgent VIPER

Hmm… would I Buy USDX early part of week? - likely start off well but could end in tears before hump day, maybe I’ll stick with a buy yellow.