Gold's Inevitable Declines (Elliott wave analysis dating back to 1932) VIDEO



Watch me take you through the details and tips of accurate elliott wave analysis. Gold has either found a top or is in the process of. VERY IMORTANT we may see gold at 250$

My Final least probable unrealistic bullish alternate count is:

^ Lowest probability outcome
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Ahmed Farghaly

Updated Elliott Wave Analysis Of Financial Markets

VERY IMORTANT we may see gold at 250$

Sure. Plus elephants can fly and I become the king of China. LOL! So, I suggest sell me your golden bars for 250. I take em ALL! Or do you not have any and are just dreaming? :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha, the elliott wave works on smaller degrees of trend there is no reason why it shouldnt on such a large chart. Now the top need not be in place but i make a strong case that the top is near and we should bottom arround the 4th wave of lower degree which is between 850 and 250, more often than not we bottom at the terminus of the wave 4 of smaller degree which sits at 250$ an ounce in 1999

As I said. Sell me all of your bars. I take em ALL for this price! I guess Goldfinger would like it, too, lol.

I’ll sell them to your at the current rate and buy them back 5-8 years from now at 250$, how does that sound? :stuck_out_tongue:

That makes no sense. Then I could buy em from others as well. Whatever your EW analysis says, 250 is a price of history and to guess it will become that cheap any time again is wishful thinking. You know what it costs to dig just for an ounce? 850 bucks. And then I do not think Heli Ben can print gold. Or did he find some hidden formula lately? It would also become a dificult action to load all that gold into a helicopter and throw that away like fiat money. LOL!

Or did you just forget a zero and meant 2500? :stuck_out_tongue:

Every bull market has an end, i am not ruling out gold making it to 2500 (You’d notice if you watched my video that there are two high probability wave counts one bullish for the rest of the year or so, and one suggests that the top is in place we’ll get confirmation of which of the two to expect soon enough. The Global equity markets seem to be almost completing thier bear market rally (view my blog) as those markets top out and start declining, i anticipate deflation, demand for commodoties will decline due to economic contraction now if you tell me that Hard vs. financial asset argument look at the dow and gold they seem to have been rallying together from the 1932 lows(Inflation of the dollar is amongst the reasons, we are now seing or almost seing a fundamental shift) People jump out of most assets and will begin holding cash which should cause a huge rally in the USD soon. Deflation is what the waves say, i’d like to remind you that we’ve been in sentiment extremes ever since nov 2009 according to the COT data, but then the wave structure did not confirm declines of the fashion i’m anticipating.

Look at the video to see the two possibilities i have for this commodity.

Does it really cost that much?


It looks like fundamentals totally kill technicals this time

Rally in usd. Sure. Ppl start realizing that cash is not money, but gold is. That’s why they flee to gold and that’s what this bull trend is about. As I said, you can print the usd, but you can’f print gold. Letz wait for QE10 and then go back to this thread, lol.

I do not say it will go up forever, but you will never see 250 usd again for an ounce. Look at the history of gold in the last 200 years. It went just up, long/medium term. Just short term (10-20 years) it went down a little. But not that far down as it was before a new rally. If you look back farther, can you tell me what currency survived from 500 year ago other than gold/silver? NONE!

Anyways, good luck for you to wait for that price. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the fundis drive the prices long term. You can use technics short/medium term or to find a good entry, but long term the fundis have priority. Au is at almost 1600 right now. An up to 2500 is a little in relation dropping down to 250. If you also look at the dig price, 1600 is still a bargain. I bought when it was at 480 and even then ppl told me this deflation BS and said it’s sooooooo expensive.

This bull trend is far from over. It will be over, sure. But not now and it will definitely not go back to 250. China is on the buyer side and China is BIG. India is also since long on the buyer side and is also BIG. And now Europe and the US get back at the buyer side as well. If you know how tiny this gold market is, you can imagine that if just the big players go into the price will skyrocket.

Gold is not like a share or paper money. It’s the warranty to save your value in uncertain times. And times will become more uncertain in this decade. Look at the last nfp report to get an idea what will happen to the US. Then all the trillions of debt floating around. Inflation is the trend. Deflation ot even exists. This is just a buzzword from bankers to keep you out of the smart money.

Well for what it’s worth: I’ve got a short entry stop order sitting ten ticks below the previous 20-day high as Gold has JUST NOW made a new 20-day high. So Gold at $250??? Put another way: if it DOES go to $250 then it’s safe to say ‘New York here I come’!!! LOL!!!

Then again: Gold and me are NOT ‘the best of friends’ to be honest (and as a matter of fact I was only a few hours ago stopped out of a short trade based on another trading system but I believe it was prudent to simply STOP than stop and reverse at these levels). That being said: I know it well enough to know that when it DOES correct then it SURE DOES CORRECT with a VENGEANCE so ‘here’s to hoping’!!! LOL!!!



Not so simple, many people would say the same about silver before it crashed.

The best way to safeguard your buying power is to turn your money into casino chips :stuck_out_tongue: joking

Never ever short gold. That’s very risky, lol. I read all the way about short squeezes and it must feel outch, lol.

On the daily my lower band border is at 1510 and high is at ath. Currently changed from bears to bull (1 week ago). I do not trade au right now however. Not long, not short.

CD, where crashed silver? Silver was up to 50, got some profit taking down to 32 and is now at 37. A crash looks different. I bought silver when it was at 9 around that, lol.

For some reason I just assumed that a drop bigger than 30% in 2 weeks to be a crash lol

But that’s how people are referring to it. I don’t know much about the anatomy of a crash.

For some reason I just assumed that a drop bigger than 30% in 2 weeks to be a crash lol

But that’s how people are referring to it. I don’t know much about the anatomy of a crash.

Well, it’s highly subjective, ha ha. You can also have a minor crash, a mega crash or a multi mega crash. lol.

For me an ordinary crash is something where the sentiment changes afterwards from bull to bear a looooong time. I can’t see that right now for silver. Commodities are still in a bull market. That was a setback or correction. That 50 was already highly overbought. A few weeks before it was already at 30 and I thought it is expensive. So, because it went to 50, dropped to 32 then and then went back up, that doesn’t change my reception that silver at 32 or 37 is still rather expensive. Particular to mey buy price at 9. A crash is something where your asset loses value and you wouldn’t say it is expensive anymore. I would even say at 20 silver is too expensive for me to buy. A crash in silver would be something like it goes to 5 or 3. How I see it. :slight_smile:


When did that happen in the past?

That’s like… almost impossible… lol

Right. Same with au going to $ 250 or back to $ 35, lol.