Good broker for Micro accounts?

Does anyone use and recommend a good broker for Micro Accounts? .10c a pip, or 1k lots.

I currently use ThinkOrSwim, and love them as a broker, however they don’t offer the smaller lot sizes, 10k is the minimum.

try interbankFX, they use MT4 which i think is the best platform for noobs.

Oanda is very popular with noob traders like myself, you can trade micro lots or even less, there charting platform isn’t the greatest, but i just use Mt4 for charts.

ditto for me:)

I personally use FXsol.

I like Alpari UK. They will give you unlimited time for demo and micro account and MT4. I have tried Oanda not bad, but for all round service and demo account Alpari UK for me.

Good trading.

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TrendFX has got Cent accounts, apart from micro and mini ones. You might try checking them out.

Hi Dazzler

I use Alpari as well & have been impressed with them, do you use any other brokers, Im looking fr other UK brokers with MT4 & micro account, Im using Alpari & Activtrades.


I’m also looking for a good micro account broker … just want one who does honest executions & will let you withdraw money promptly. Any others, apart from Alpari?
Also can US based people easily open accounts in UK or Australia??

Now I have heard that FX Solutions and Interbank FX both offer micro accounts … anyone have experience with either one of those?

I found my solution … I just opened an account with EFX Group, a division of MB Trading which offers an account where you can trade as low as .1 mini lot, or $1k which is a micro lot. You can also trade mini lots & of course multiples of minis where 10 minis = 1 full lot. So in the same account you have wide flexibility over position size.

They are an ECN, a fee based broker and commissions are as low as 5 cents if you trade .1 lot (micro). I look forward to seeing if these ECN brokers are as good as so many say they are. My past experience with MB Trading with an equities account was a very positive one.


as far as I know, 0.1 lots are mini. If like you say, you are trading 1k lots, then it should be 0.01. Maybe a typo? twice?



Yes, .1 lots are mini and .1 mini lots (as I typed below) are micros :smiley:


Thanks, in fact I opened an account with FX Sol 2 weeks ago after running into problems funding the MBTrading account (their funding options are still pretty pre-historic :D) and I like them a LOT. MUCH better than FXCM, the trading platform is way more sophisticated, faster, and so far I see no signs of my stops being taken out. Refreshing!

im with liteforex, micro/mini 10c pips , $1 min deposit, unregulated, MT4, no problems so far, the other option i was considering was fxopen, but lite has better spreads…

I trading at InstaForex, can trade micro lot. So far no hassle. 100 unit base currency is the minimum.

Stops being taken out? Thats about a scary thought! Thats like a total scam. Are there a lot of brokers that do this? If thats even a possibility, I’m not sure I want to get into forex.

yes i did good 10 days trading with them, $20 into $114, no problems with payout, very helpful company though not regulated.

I use interbankfx. So far so good. I like them a lot.


I currently trying a few Demos of which one with ActivTrades. I can see they let you trade with Micro lots.

Do you have any other forex broker you may suggest to try which allow you trading in micro lots?