Good Broker to Start please ?!

[B]I’m from Tunisia, i have been 3 years in demo but now i want to deposit around 5000 usd but i want a good broker not +

can u give your advices

Please without Complication[/B]

In this 3 yeqrs what your recommendation for brokers , which one is good go with

dear i think you should work with vommafx such a great broker honest broker my advise this to you

I Think my Recommend go to Global Prime, ??

hello lordgaith,
depending on your trading strategy (scalping, long term trader, news traders, etc) and your Risk management, you can find a list of reliable brokers (99% regulated ones) to start your trading at theforexlist.
good luck.

For a broker, use the one that you had with demo.

Open at least two broker, some prices were different depending on each broker’s price plus you can also compare them.
Choosing Broker, there are lots of broker right now in the internet or you can just google it, depending on your leverage.

It’s so easy to find a broker in the internet. All you need is a broadband connection and a Personal computer with internet or smart phone.

There is a Babypips guide Title How to Choose a Forex Broker

Although you might disagree with me, but I believe you should work with broker who let you do your part without interference instead of fancy brokers that are good for show off, but you’re not going to find freedom. I have been trying various companies like Instaforex, Exness and TradeWiseFX. It was horrible decision to even try Instaforex and that’s to do with their lazy support which took 2 week for verification, so I am not interested now with them. I also felt similar thing with Exness after their server fall out, but let see how next few months goes, so maybe I could find my mind about them…. As per now I am only happy with TradeWiseFX since it’s simple and something I believe you will be happy with.

You may want to try FreshForex. Not only do they have tight spreads, they also have a very effecient customer care service. They also have the following advantages

Narrow floating spread from 0 p.
Instant market execution from 0 sec.
No minimum deposit
No fees for conducting transactions