Good brokers for hyperactive


There are brokers recommended for hyperactive?

IcMarkets sends emails that your acct can be disabled to clients when hyperactive trading.(maybe incase of over 2k messages per day on the metatrader).

I do not know why such a rule is applied to clients (it is unfair) and it can affect broker’s server to be overloaded.(due to many messages???)

Thanks in advance.

What does hyperactive trading mean? :open_mouth:

It means too many tradings cause many messages in the mt4 terminal.
So brokers make its account be disabled to provent the server from being overloaded.

It called ‘hyperactivity’…

Ah, i’m hearing this for the first time, but i don’t think I have dealt anything like that with brokers that i’m using, maybe you can try demo with fxview or fxpro and see for yourself.

Oh that’s interesting. I didn’t know they could freeze someone’s account because they’re placing too many trades. :thinking:

You shouldn’t have any problem with TD365 - fixed spreads and instant execution
They are regulated and also have an off-shore set up if you need leverage.

yes FPG from Australia