Good brokers to use

Hi guys, beginner here. Could someone advise a good broker for me to use (reputable, best rates etc). I am in the UK and wish to eventually trade on a intraday basis.

I’ve downloaded the MT4 app so getting familiar with that, but I presume this isn’t enough…you have to have a broker platform as well?

Any recommendations would be great.

Hi and welcome,
Go to the search function (top right hand side of the page next to your mug shot)

and type in “uk broker review” and sort by relevance. Try the first 10 posts and go from there.


Hi and welcome, choosing a good broker is very important factor in forex, you always should do research before to choose a broker.Read reviews about different brokers at different reviews sites and choose a broker with good online reputation.

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This depends on what you are looking for Or what trading condition you need. I use Forexchief for two primary reasons; low spread/fee and high leverage. Then ease of withdrawing profit. Whatever you decide, check forexpeacearmy or here for reviews.


Hi @Ljbrix!

You might find value in checking out these threads where other traders share their experiences with brokers from your the U.K.

To guide you in making your decision, please keep in mind these 6 crucial things to consider when choosing a forex broker:

Hope these help!


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Choosing a good broker is the most difficult thing in this market. Many traders lose their money because of choosing wrong broker. So, be careful when you are going to choose a broker for you.

FCA is a major regulator in UK. Check their website to find FCA regulated broker. Also check their warning list to avoid scam broker.

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Hi guys thanks so much for your help, I will get cracking with the research!

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I’ve been using too. My experience with them has been that they are fair and very professional. I don’t use high leverage but the spread and commission are quite reasonable. I’ve never had a problem with execution or withdrawals. Overall, I would recommend

That’s a good suggestion. Trader can also check regulator website too. Regulator also provide scam alert notice.

CFD brokers usually use Metatrader platform to offer services. The differences are liquidity sources, markup, clients support and withdrawal speed. This are criteria you have to use to pick the best. For example I currently use Hotforex, Tickmill and IB. You may try them as well.

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There are many good options for UK traders you can check fxview, ICM, pepperstone all are regulated and reputable brokers. Conditions are also good. And yes all of them offer mt4 you can login into your account after signing up with them. Better try their demo for some time and choose whichever suits you.

Well, any broker depending on your needs or requirements will be a good option for you. However, if you are looking for a suggestion, then on the basis of my trading experience, you can check turnkey forex. I am sticking to them for various reasons like mess free withdrawals, low spreads and reliable support.