I need a good/ trustworthy UK broker

Hi everyone,
I am really struggling to find a good broker.
The Majority of uk brokers have complains from people about “they have trouble with withdrawing their money”. I will much appreciate it if some can recommend a good Uk broker who is not a scam and you can withdraw money easily (no dealing desk please).

Tick Mill is a good one. I have used them before for some months. I never had any withdrawal issues.

before choosing a broker make sure which is more appropriate for you , if love doing scalping , should choose the broker which has most narrowest trading spreads.


its really difficult to make sure right trading broker , because there are almost thousands brokers right now and most of them are found to be scams,.

I knoww :disappointed: that is why I need help.

I am a day trader, I did find brokers with low spreads etc, but pretty much all of them, people are complaining about withdrawals… that is why I need someone to tell tell me a broker that they are already using it and had no trouble with withdrawals.

I’m with IG and have been for over 6 years. Never had any problems with depositing or withdrawing money. I’ve been to the offices in london too. FCA regulated. Do your research too mate.

Thank you mate, I will have a look at them online

How has your experience been with IG?

I’ve also used them for a number of years and I am looking for another broker to add to my portfolio… maybe i’m a little spoilt given the service / offer provided to me in the past but i’m finding it difficult to find another!

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Though trading with fxview, I heard IG also has good trading conditions. For more options you can check this thread too:

Hope it helps!

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If you made profit with legit trading system and if the broker is regulated by FCA or CySEC then I think there is zero chance you won’t get your withdrawal. However it depends on the size of profit, large withdrawals may take longer to process.

If you’re set on a UK broker then IG would be my choice. Never had any issues with them for deposits or withdrawals and their overall package is top notch.

Hey - another IG user :slight_smile:

Have you found anyone else similar to them / used in the past?

I'm trading from London with FP Markets, an old broker with over 20years of forex business experience, and the spreads start from as low as 0.0pips with lower commission costs.

I’m a big fan of IG. Have used them for years. I will say I’ve noticed slight slippage with my positions but I use a spread betting account. However I love their platform, it’s so user friendly. If I used mt4, I’m sure I could find another broker who may have even tighter spreads/commissions.

The other problem i just remembered is they have a minimum SL placement for example you buy GU, you will have to place your stop loss maybe 5 pips. The pips change depending on instrument/timing etc. Not sure if other brokers do that too though.