Good day to all and to all a fine eve


I am as noobiest as they come. True vanilla looking to create a stable income from trading.
Cant wait to get to know some fantastic people and in time help others too.


Trader.Z :ghost:

Well, you’ve chosen the right place to begin a long hard journey learning how to trade FX properly and proficiently. As for a stable income that won’t happen - there’s nothing stable in FX as it’s a speculative venture

At best you could make money in between losses, providing your strategy and self control is spot on. Otherwise you’ll gamble it away chasing losses, as do 75% of newbies.

The odds are against you from the off. That’s the reality.

Good luck.

Forex trading is a great way of making money. But for that also, you will have to do hard work in the beginning so that you can have a smooth trading career.

Forex trading can prove to be the right career choice only if you do it right and take it seriously. If you have the point of view that you will be doing good in the market from the very moment you enter a trade, you need to rethink. The market requires a trader to be knowledgeable enough to make good trading decisions.

Hello and welcome to babypips. Practice and trade on demo regularly, do brush your hands on technical and fundamental analysis also. And read about the economic news event regularly.