Good Day

Hello All

I am of course completely new to Forex, however when I find time to learn more every day I generally try and gain some further insight into the vast world of Forex.

Background :

I am essentially a small business owner, I used to be a very busy web and graphic designer until bad clients and experiences just left a sour taste in my mouth and the return was no longer worth it.

I hope to learn more than earn initially when it comes to Forex, but of course would love to be able to predict good returns more accurately in the future! :slight_smile:

as a very busy web and graphic designer, i believe your strong work ethic will help you succeed in this business.
Trading is an entirely different business but if you can carry over your passion and dedication from your previous business to this one, there is no way for you but up. :slight_smile:

Hi There

Thanks for the warm welcome and helpful suggestions :45:
My biggest question I keep asking is do people actually make money?
I do plan to give it my all of course but I just need to know that I will be working towards an attainable goal?

Trading is just like any business, yes people make money.
and just like any business, people lose money too.
this is the toughest business in the world, but trading can give substantial returns if done right over time.

by the way, a (realistic) goal is ALWAYS attainable as long as you keep at it and not quit. right? :slight_smile:

Yes people do make money from this market, however a larger percentage of retailers actually lose money doing this.

And by a larger percentage, I’m being gracious, “most” would probably be more accurate.