Good info about MT4, many thing that I didn't know

I search for another opinion about MT4 and it’s advantages and disadvantages.
I found this article and I know many of you were interested in information about MT4.

so here you go… nice source
MT4 ECN Is Progressing

I would also be happy to hear from people that already uses it!

nice article, if you want to hear objective opinion about their system I think their site has forum.

In my opinion MT4 is able to send some orders, test some strategies and that’s all. It has relatively bad charting and it’s no ergonomic to traders. But for some reason MetaTrader is widely known.

And those things about ECN, NDD, leverages, spreads and everything that all broker uses to advertise themselves before others are only dust in the eyes.

so how can you explain that [U]most of the traders in the world[/U] are using it?
I mean… it’s amazing it’s not a joke, everyone’s using it.

It’s a bit like with MS Windows: superior marketing.
While Windows is definitely not the best OS available, Microsoft has marketed it perfectly … so now, everybody is using Windows, and new applications are all ‘Windows certified’.

MetaTrader is okay, but I don’t think it’s sooo superior to many other trading platforms.
Metaquotes just has the better Marketing Dept.
And once a supreme market position is reached, a company has to make some really dumb mistakes to lose that position again.


Not an extraordinary link!