Good offer from IV Brokers

I received from an IB some information about IV Brokers, studied the site and seems like a very knowledgeable brokerage with valuable info and sevices. I find that STP brokers always present themselves more from the clients side.

I know it’s old fashioned, but have opened a small account with $500 just to test and to get the 60% margin bonus to play around. So far, execution is good.

Opened a few trades on first day and best bid/ask policy is obvious, spreads are low and tight too. Also, best execution is real, was filled with some small positive slippage in news.

Not bad at all

I’m also trading with IV brokers, seems like reliable broker. The spreads on the classic account not bad at all although the spreads are more narrow on ECN account but I like to use the bonus with my trading. Didn’t withdraw yet but hopefully will go smooth. BTW they are very popular in Asia.

hello, how do i go about opening an account with the iv brokers

Hi Marvin, there website is, shouldn’t be difficult to find. If you have any questions you can use their support.


I think I am going to stick with Profiforex, it is very easy to make profit here. Also I prefer a forex broker that has been in business for at least 3 to 10 years.

I opened account at IVBrokers because of good reviews and was recommended broker.

First positive was the spread in news, its a good indication of the depth of liquidity, in the non farm I ran 3 brokers and IVbrokers was the most tight and low spread all through this release. Because this, I believe that they are executing to the banks they have on site.

Also, with the execution is even better than expect, its fast and accurate, this is very important and positive for broker. I tested manually and with a scalping robot and both are impress.

Im confident that there really is liquidity depth and serious execution quality at IVBbrokers.

You are not even a trader. I think you are one of these clueless freelancers hired to post something good about IVbrokers. Unfortunately for IVbroker, they have hired an illiterate to do the job for them. Too Bad for the broker trying to make a good name. You don’t make a good name by hiring forum users to post lies. You make a good name by offering something good and allow real traders to give you good reviews willingly. I Advice any newbie to stay away from IV Broker or whatever it is called.

Thank you for abuse Forexlight, I must say thanks for the personal attack on me. What you want from me?

Trading with IVBrokers with EA dedicated for news so far the its working very well, the fact there is no restrictions or limitations created good environment to my EA.
The spreads are tight as well using the ECN account. seem as a real STP broker.

U.S. citizens should ignore [B]this broker[/B] — they won’t deal with you.

Serious traders outside the U.S. should ignore [B]this thread[/B] — it’s a load of spam.

I don’t know what other traders look for in a broker, for me it’s important that the broker has no pip limits or time levels on stop loss and take profit and swap free account. IV Brokers offers this.

The Islamic account is a good option for me with no extra commissions, spread or charges.

Wow, if all these guys who never posted before are willing to take their time pushing this firm then they must be really good, mustn’t they?

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