Google Security Alert -

Hey I am very new here so I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong.

As I click around the babypips site, I am randomly getting redirected to My browser is stopping me from going to the site and saying that it is a “deceptive” site.

I have clicked through numerous other sites and have not had this issue. I have also scanned my computer for viruses and malware and found nothing.

Is anybody else having this issue? Is this particular to babypips or do I have a problem on my end?

Thanks in advance.

Hello unclejarvis,

Thanks for contacting us for support. We aware of this security related alert from Google. It is specific to our website, or technically, related to a website (and product) that is referenced on our website. We have already contacted the 3rd party involved in the matter, Tynt/33Across, and their engineers are working on a resolution.

We use a product of theirs on our website for when users copy and paste information from one of our web pages to their local device. Their product helps copy the information, while adding the page URL where the information came from, for later reference.

It looks like there might be something wrong with one of their websites, at

Here is more information from Google Safe Browsing on Google states contains deceptive content, and is dangerous. We suggest you enable your device antivirus and malware protection. We have not received local device virus or malware prompts because of this alert.

We’ll update you shortly on the matter.

Thanks for the alert!


Hello unclejarvis,

To update you, we disabled the Tynt copy-and-paste tool on our website, while waiting to hear back from the Tynt engineering team. This should keep any of the Google Safe Browsing alerts from showing, as Tynt is no longer enabled on our website. If you are still experiencing alerts from your web browser, please clear your browser cache and reload the page. The issue should be gone.

Thanks again for your patience while we got that solved.


Thank You!:smiley:

Maybe you know the main reasons for these alerts?