Got infected by a virus from an EA - is it possible?

Can your metatrader 4 terminal get infected by virus’s if you execute .exe files to install your EA’s?

most definitely… I would avoid exe’s to install EA’s. The only action this would perform is to drop the file into the experts folder for you but I would avoid this or at least try it on a computer that wasn’t yours lol. Then, copy the EA from experts. It is unlikely that a single EA (.ex4) would contain harmful coding.

Hope this helps mackevwa.


You can write an EA to download stuff from the internet and then run that, and you can write some pretty damaging code in an EA, and also write code to retrieve most of your account details.

geeso! Never realised that! Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:


Without boring you to death, the way it can be done is through DLL, you can #include DLLs in the code, which I think means you can do anything like in any other program. Please note I know this because I use the technique to do some very legitimate stuff.

I think that’s enough boring stuff don’t you! :slight_smile: