GPB/USD Seasonal Tendencies Info

While cruising google I found this gold nugget. Why not share with babypips?

This may or may not be common knowledge, I personally found it vary interesting. Attached is a image containing the full article comparing and explaining in detail 5/10/15 and 20/30 year seasonal tendency graphs of GBP/USD.

Here’s an excerpt

–The Pound typically forms a bottom in early to late March and then moves higher into the end of April

–Early may to mid-may is usually a bearish time.

–A bottom typically forms again in mid-May we see a move higher into early August.
price usually peak early in August and decline into early September

–After October out averages diverge with the short-term (5 year) not providing the same information as longer-term seasonality averages (10 and 15 year) thus making the seasonal tendencies less concise and less reliable during this time.

–Averages re-aline to form a top in early November and the price slides into mid-to-late November. After this averaged diverge again.

Edit: Image was to large to post to the forums it got all compressed and couldn’t read anything. Download from the link below and open with windows photo viewer or similar for mac then zoom in clear as can be.

[ Seasonal Tendencies.Jpeg]( Seasonal Tendencies.Jpeg)

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