Grab your own personalized wallet domain NFT before it's too late

It’s all the craze at the moment. Your very own personalized crypto wallet address. Think crypto. Think wallet address. Think human readable name. You can also use it as a website domain. They’re fairly inexpensive if the name is right and you only pay once. And it’s a NFT!

I picked up a couple variations for $20 each. You can use the following extensions:

  • .x
  • .crypto
  • .coin
  • .wallet
  • .bitcoin
  • .888
  • .nft
  • .dao
  • .zil
  • .blockchain

I looked at these about 3 months ago and had an idea to buy a few. However, we bought 2 private UK car number plates a decade ago, so before I decided to buy any unstoppable domains, I did a “back test” and filled out an internet form to see what value my private plate had. I bought it for £500, now it MAY be worth £600. That is less than 1% per year capital gain. And then if I sold it, I would then have to remember a stupid number like aaa nn bbb where a and b are letters and n is a number starting designating the year of registration that only the British public sector, in their infinite wisdom, could devise.

I decided against buying “speculative” unstoppables because anything recognizable is a few hundred dollars. I did note, however, that some for $20 or $40 would be great value.

Two things have stopped me. First, I don’t know where I would go for a domain name host. Second, having a .crypto address may be a great advertisement for the thieves to do some social engineering thinking you had a Trezor in the safe at home with a million dollars of ETH stored on it, so they kidnap your children and demand a ransom. :crazy_face:

That’s thoughtful thinking there. i don’t look at the domains as an asset I’m looking to offload in the future. At least not the ones I would use personally to receive crypto. Now, having seen first hand that the right domain can be sold for 100s of thousands and every-now-and-then millions, buying and selling crypto domains could turn into a lucrative business. However, Unstoppable has already priced in that potential future sale. so becoming a broker and amassing 10s or 100s of these will cost you a pretty penny. Some of the more basic and general term domains are several thousand dollars already.

I bought mine for the “that’s cool” factor. And the no-renewal costs was a bonus.

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