Great discovery: the development of human society presents Fibonacci wave arrangement

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The theoretical basis of this wave prediction is Eliot’s wave theory. Wave theory is a knowledge that reveals the development law of things. Although it was first discovered in the stock market, the law it reveals is not limited to the stock market, but reflected in many aspects of the world. What this prediction reveals is the wave arrangement of the development of human society. It accurately calculates the Fibonacci ratio relationship between the wave arrangements of the development of human society. The wave theory is an accurate model and makes a wave prediction for the future development of human society. This prediction of wave theory, which was completed in 2008, has been constantly verified by facts. Moreover, its prediction of the future of human society is highly consistent with the famous French predictions of the centuries, China’s famous predictions of the Tui Bei Tu and Shaobing Ge.

Eliot discovered the great wave theory


Eliot’s wave theory - Encyclopedia of MBA think tank艾略特波浪理论

Ralph Nelson Eliot - Encyclopedia of MBA think tank拉尔夫·尼尔森·艾略特

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《Fibonacci evolution of human civilization》(original, full English version)

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