Great Reasons to Use Crypto-Currency Bitcoin..!

A Big Hello to all the forum members…
Today I am going to talk about Bitcoin …

Bitcoin is a nearly new kind of money that has quite recently begun to stride the standard markets. Commentators express that utilizing Bitcoins is dangerous in light of the fact that-

-They have no true esteem
-They are not managed

  • They can be utilized to make illicit exchanges.

Still all the significant market players discuss Bitcoins. The following are some great reasons why it merits utilizing this digital currency.

1- Brisk Installments - When installments are made by utilizing banks, the exchange takes some days, comparatively wire exchanges additionally take quite a while. The again, virtual money Bitcoin exchanges are by and large more quick.

2- Zero-Affirmation - Exchanges are momentary, where the dealer acknowledges the hazard, which is as yet not endorsed by Bitcoin piece chain. On the off chance that the shipper needs an endorsement, at that point the exchange takes 10 minutes. This is significantly more fast than any between managing an account exchange.

3- Modest - Credit or platinum card exchanges are moment, however you are charged an expense for utilizing this benefit. In the Bitcoin exchanges, the expenses are typically low, and now and again, it is free.

4- Nobody can take it away - Bitcoin is decentralized, so no focal specialist can take away rate from your stores.

5- No chargeback - Once you exchange Bitcoins, they are no more. You can’t recover them without the beneficiary’s assent.
Individuals buy products and on the off chance that they think that its faulty, they contact Visas office to make a chargeback, adequately turning around the exchange. The Visa organiztion does it and accuses you of expensive chargeback charge running from $5-$15.

6- Safe individual subtle elements - Credit card numbers get stolen amid online installments. A Bitcoin exchange does not require any individual points of interest. You should join your private key and the Bitcoin key together to do an exchange.

You simply need to guarantee that your private key isn’t gotten to by outsiders.

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and here are some reasons why NO ONE SHOULD USE IT

  1. i’ts stupid to say the least

  2. it’s worth less than currency, pip for pip

  3. it took around 5 years for bitcoin to get to around $19,000
    then it took around 2 weeks or less FOR THAT TO FALL TO HALF IT’S VALUE.
    if this doesn’t scream to someone… STAY THE HELL AWAY, i don’t know what will

  4. how about the fact that you will never get your money back once you deposit it.
    i mean… dribs and drabs here and there… sure
    but big transfers… that won’t happen

all i’m hearing is a lot of people tried to withdraw their bitcoins from their platform, only to now be in a situation where they cannot contact their broker or reseller any longer, these people are now filing law suits.
but, you may argue, THAT’S THE BROKER OR RESELLER
ok… sure

but what about the platform itself ?
it’s a pump and dump
this is doomed to fail… it’s inevitable

  1. from a RISK point of view. it makes no sense
    you could invest in EUR USD and have less risk, just to name 1
    you could invest in XAU USD and have less risk to name another, i can go on and on about this if you like.

Risk point of view… it’s not worth it

now let’s talk about cool stuff. like Bitcoin Pizza and KFC
buying stuff with bitcoin

well… yeah
but let’s put this in AUD TERMS
in Sydney a Pizza is $5 from Pizza hut (pickup)
and a Pizza can go up to $15- $20

so… let’s say you walk in to a good pizza place and they say, WE ACCEPT BITCOIN

it is illegal to use another currency other than a countries local currency

when you go to Luna Park and you use LunaPark dollars, YOU MUST EXCHANGE AUD for Luna Park dollars on arrival
you do some rides
before leaving Luna Park, you change their currency for AUD again
you can’t use Luna Park dollars outside of Luna Park

You can’t use BITCOIN in australia
you can’t buy fuel with it
you can’t buy groceries with it
you can’t pay bills with it

Not to mention that the petrol station that sells you fuel for bitcoin will be shutdown in a heartbeat by the authorities

now… in those rare places that offer food for bitcoin like pizza’s
well. if the pizza is $20 you can expect to pay the AUD equivalent of around $30 - $40 for a pizza

so… if you called me and said
martin, buy me a pizza and i’ll give you $40
and i’d pocket the $20

companies that offer food for bitcoin are merely BROKERS
and people who use these platforms are stupid idiots that don’t realize they are paying more for getting their jollies over using bitcoin
so they can say to their friends “I PAID WITH IT FOR BITCOIN”

i mean… do you get a T-Shirt with that when you pay, so that EVERYONE KNOWS hehe

Bitcoin is a stupid idea for people using it
Bitcoin is a smart idea for the people scamming you
that’s as simple as it gets

the bitcoin platform is dead (more or less)
BITCOIN CASH is the new scam on the market

it is being marketed as follows :slight_smile:

Yeah… whatever
and somehow… stupid people still fall for this crap.
oh well
prepare to see more stories on babypips that say

"i was scammed by bitcoin, can’t withdraw my money… please help"
let the scamming begin.

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So do you believe that fiat will be around forever? Or that eventually we will transition into an entire crypto monetary system

who?? Me?
are you talking to me ?

if so

what i believe is irrelevant
i can say fiat will be around forever and you can say no it won’t
or i can say crypto will take over and you can disagree

it doesn’t matter

what matters is WHAT IS FACT NOW
and what is fact is…
Crypto is a pump and dump and its’ destined to fail (Actually it already has failed) but people are still hopeful hehe

as for fiat
well… if it goes belly up
we’ll have a new currency won’t we ?

what i believe is irrelevant

Opinions don’t matter then. So whatever happens happens :joy:

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when it comes to “what currency will be in circulation” , NO. Opinion’s don’t matter.

you are free to have an opinion, of course.
but, the government’s don’t give two craps about your opinion
they are just going to circulate whatever currency they want and give it whatever value they want

same with bitcoin,
if bitcoin will be the thing of the future, as with fiat currency , we will be a slave to it.
Your opinion or anyone’s for that matter of where price will go , is irrelevant

What wants to happen, WILL HAPPEN
how you feel about it. is a completely different topic and serves only 1 purpose

it makes for good conversation … THAT’S IT
it does not affect what will happen though.

be cool

No, you make a lot of sense lol appreciate your honesty

Thank you, i appreciate it.

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Ooooooh Now you’ve hit a subject !

The problem is - well let me put it another way - Almost every Country and almost any person in the world are “IN debt” - But if that is true, where is all the “Money” ? :sweat:

Who does everybody owe this money to ?

Fiat or crypto - It doesn’t matter, all that will change (Temporarily) is who is ripping you off !

What if fiat becomes crypto – or crypto becomes fiat?

Let’s ask the Russians —

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Russians love it. But what if I use alternative ways to invest in bitcoin? Like CFD or futures Maybe it can be safer.

Hello everyone,

There are many advantages of using a bitcoin, mentioned below:-

  1. Bitcoins are independent of any central authority.
  2. High volatility in the equities market can positively affect the price of bitcoin.
  3. More and more companies are creating tools for the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  4. To be an early adopter of the powerful blockchain technology.
  5. Upwards trend in the coming month.

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Here’s what it says on their web site:

Successful trade payout: 82 % for standard investors, 90 % for VIP-account holders

So, losses are yours and they take 10% - 18% of your wins.

They are regulated by FinaCom, which is essentially a self-regulatory body with brokers as members.

If you must trade bitcoin use Coinbase Pro, formally known as GDAX, or some other reputable exchange that does not take a percentage of your winnings.

Thats a nice thread… appreciate everyone’s effort here.