Greater Montreal area

Hello traders, I am looking to meet traders in the Montreal area or Laval, to simply discuss of maybe meet up wether you’re a new coming traders or seasoned . More open to talk to people concerned about the process of learning instead of the hurry to profit. If you are entirely new i do not mind discussing the market with you and giving my most un-biased opinions about all the ways you can trade and not try to force my ideas on you. I am not a system based trader so if you goal is to compare systems, I am not your man. I trade based on Price Action, Chart Patterns and S&R levels. I believe Psychology is and important trait for a trader. So if these or some are some of your interest as a Trader, do not be afraid to hit me up because we could easily learn a couple of things from each other!

Yes I also speak french.


Hi there, Its great to find you.
I live in Barrie which is 4-5 hrs away from Montreal.
Maybe we can catch up if you want. It would be great to connect with like minded people.