Greetings Earthlings!

Hi, My names Michael and I’m a Newbie although I have been studying whenever I can, I’m half way through my under grad year…haha. I’m keen as to learn and have a go at real trading…But I also have a couple of little ones with hungry mouths to feed so am only demo trading at the moment until I have saved enough to have a decent go. How are people finding the copy trading?

This still a bit of a mystery to me as everyone I’ve tried to copy and follow so far has lost lots of money…What The? Does this really work? Also is the reason I’ve decided to have a go myself. Anyway I hope everyone is having a great day and I would like to get to know people on the same learning curve or others who have insightful ideas that could possibly help me…good luck to you all and thanks for reading this…I hope to talk soon

Copy Trader doesn’t go down well here, it’s very much a “learn to trade for yourself or don’t trade at all” mentality. Even worse if you’re talking about eToro, it’s not a fan favourite in the BabyPips forum.

I found Forex through eToro & I got directed towards BabyPips from there. After a bit of schooling & reading lots of threads, I binned them off. In terms of copy trader, why trust a stranger with your mon£y? If its eToro too, they have quite a wide spread, is it not 3-pips? You’ll easily find better.

I’m at the same point in the school as yourself. I’ve taken a small break just to concentrate on a bit of demo’ing before I progress further in the school.

When you do go live, best of luck to you Michael.

Hi Baz,

Thanks for replying, yeah man it’s eToro alright I forgot to mention that, I too discovered Forex through a friend who was using this system and he was the one to tell me about Baby pips school and yes their spread is 3 pips-which I thought was ok, do you know of any that are better for Australians or somewhere I can research a better one?

I have been making good trades lately and have only lost on a couple which I’m really happy about, but then tried the copy trader again and they did make a little but lost heaps again…haha, that’ll teach me ay…lucky it’s only a demo account.
Hope things go well for you when you start a live account man…thanks again Baz as I had no idea that eToro and their copy Trader platform were a bit off…thanks mate…good Luck to you too.

Personally I’m not for or against eToro, but I do see both sides of the argument. Yeah you should trade for yourself but when you’re starting out, it’s a bit of a helping hang (in theory) to success. I think there’s a thread called something like “Why does everyone hate eToro”, maybe have a look at it.

I’m not experienced enough to recommend brokers as I went from eToro to Oanda & having experienced all of 2 then my advice is worthless. Just from browsing threads on here, Oanda cropped up a lot so I used the link below & put in others that people mentioned a lot & that’s why I’m now on Oanda.

BabyPips has a broker comparison page, pick 3 (top of the page) & it’ll compare them for you & maybe help you make a decision. Give it a try:

There are a few other useful things in the “Tools” tab of the BabyPips site, have a look if you’ve not already done so.

Before going live, I’d be tempted to open a new email address & open a few demo accounts with a few select brokers. You don’t have to properly demo with them but you can see the spread & their layout etc & then make your mind up as to what suits you. The new email address will just stop your main one getting spammed.