Greetings Everyone

Hello, my name is John from Tennessee, USA. I work full time as a production engineer for a large corporate Healthcare company and I really don’t like it much. A few years ago, I found an article on FX trading and was intrigued and never pursued learning the art.

Recently in a fit of job-loathing, I found myself digging for a good education on FX. After 2 months of pulling hair out on every scam artist trying to get me to buy their system and others claiming the “Always a winner, follow me” garbage, I stumbled onto this site.

I jumped into the school of pipsology and have found much valuable information and training. I am no where near ready to trade a live account, I am even hesitant to trade with my demo accounts! :slight_smile:

I have found in my research and short time studying that FX trading is NOT for everyone. It requires much practice, and a strong passion to be successful. I have read 100s of horror stories of beginners buying some random system, depositing their rent money, and going flat broke in a matter of hours. That is not for me, however I am dedicated to learning everything I can from successful traders and I look forward to meeting you all on here.

Thank You for the amazing educational material on this site! It will prove to be very handy in my future endeavors of becoming a successful, professional trader.


Greetings BiggJohn93 and welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing your story and for the kind words about our website! Good luck with your endeavors and remember to stay consistent and patient as building skills takes lots of practice :slight_smile:

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Thanks David. I have been studying hard and playing my demo accounts. I have learned much about myself, as far as what type of trader I am and how my personality fits into it.

Things I would have never learned reading books and paying for courses. I am so glad I found this site.

I have started developing a tech system that has won me my last 9 demo trades. Nothing huge, but definitely a step in the right direction.

I will definitely join you in the Free Mentor Ship program!