Greetings fellow traders!

Hello everybody,

this is Dinu from Romania. I’ve been trading for about three years now and my main focus is to develop a strategy that is not concerned with the direction of the price movements. I’ve detailed my thoughts here and my performance so far here.

I’m looking foward to echange ideas with fellow traders around the world :slight_smile:

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Cool. Welcome aboard!

Hi and welcome…

Welcome to the forum. I read your strategy, and although I cannot envisage the scenarios well, the back tested and forward tested results seem to have merit and have demonstrated a positive edge. I am concerned about a large number of open positions, which seem to imply potentially unlimited losses any time a SL is not set. Maybe I have misunderstood. Good luck with it and please continue to report on progress.

Hi Dinu, how’s it mate?

Indeed the open positions need to be managed somehow and I believe I may have identified a solution. I will try to make some videos of the backtests to explain exact;y what happens over time. Thank you for takin the time to look at it!

Greetings, your majesty! How are you?

Welcome Dinu! Great to have you here.

Welcome Dinu and thank you for sharing your strategy with the community.