Greetings from Scandinavia!

Hello new and experienced traders alike. As you might have guessed I’m new to forex and going through the School of Pipsology. To be honest I’m really sceptical about trading being profitable or even possible. I will be testing and applying the information from the school on a demo account and only if I get to my target goal with demo account I’ll consider live account. My goals (in case some of you are interested) are: raise my demo account capital from $500 to $10 000. This mimics the situation I would be with live account. Since I’m still a student I can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars but as it might take a year or two to get to my goal with demo account, things propably will change since I’m not planning to be a student forever. I chose to demo at FxPro and also in the grim and dark future may open a live account there as well. I read somewhere that FxPro is a NDD, I hope I’m right.
As from my writing some of you might have guessed, I don’t really have high expectations to become a millionaire overnight. Reason why I’m interested in forex is that you might get better interest rate than from a bank.

Keep pippin’
~Pip Pete

Hi, turning 500 into 10k will take you at least several years. I would suggest you to move to real as soon as you have made 100 successful trades. No not 100 profitable trades in a row, but that you would be in a nice overall profit after 100 trades in succession.

Hi and welcome! 500 into 10k in a demo is absolutely futile. Also, don’t start a real account with less than $1000.