Greetings from So Cal

Newbie grommet here. Completed the school a few months ago. Enjoyed it very much. Thank you Looking to trade for fun. Equities are a pain in the butt and the BS is rampant. Index works for me and investing with nest egg should be boring.

Learned options trading and worked free trial account for 3 months (buddy hooked me up with a great analytics platform) but the tools were too expensive for a hobby at this point. Also, couldn’t get approved with my online brokerage because I hadn’t been an active trader. Derivatives was my best class in B school and I loved it. I also work in the finance industry, make investment risk decisions and work with numbers all day.

Started forex trading a practice account with Oanda a few weeks ago and very fun. Trade the 1 hr and 4 hr. Made the noob mistakes initially and was in the red a bit. This week has been all green. Starting to see the “flow” of the the pairs I have been working on. More “teaching moments” to come as I get more aggressive. Won’t be real until I trade with the hard earned dollars, but all good for now. Hopefully a KISS method is all I need to build up the war chest. I glaze over at some of the complex trading discussions I read in the threads.

One thing I seem to sense is that the threads here are more congenial than ones I have read in equity and to a lesser extent options. The size of the forex markets makes it impossible to manipulate by flaming shorts and carnival sales longs?

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