Greetings hello

Hi. Brand new to forex trading. Im here to become super rich in a very short time… Just joking.

Im a resident in the US and am looking to learn alot and gain a new hobby that will potentially give me additional income. More importantly…

I accidentally found my way into your school of pipsology a few weeks ago. I was reading an article about interest rate cuts and the strength of the dollar. I didn’t understand the correlation so a google search landed me in that portion of the school. I found myself reading about the carry trades and realized I stumbled onto something special here. I started the school at the beginning and finished this morning. Im sure I will revisit most of it, but I just want to say. You guys (who ever put that all together) are awesome. Thank you so much. Im very happy and appreciative to be here and I look forward to talking with you all in the future. Happy holidays all.


:rofl: :sweat_smile:

Congratulations on that awesome achievement!

Happy Holidays! and welcome to the forum!


You got me there with that first line :joy:

Welcome on board, take your time and enjoy the ride.


Welcome, Billy Toaster. I’m also here to become super rich in a very short time. :grin:


Happy Holidays!

Glad to see you’re apart of the forums :grin:


Hello there, Nice to meet everyone


Hey there! Nice to meet you too! I see you’re new to the forum too. welcome!

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You had me in the first half, NGL :joy:
Welcome and a happy holiday to you and your family! :partying_face:

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Welcome and congrats on your progress! Looking forward to hearing more about your trading experiences. See you around!

So if becoming super rich in a very short time is not your main motivation…what drives you?

Honda ridgeline… or rather I drive It.
I Have a very strange work schedule and Ive been looking for a “side hustle” that could fit into that schedule.
Obviously getting filthy rich in the shortest amount of time is appealing but if it was that easy everyone would do it. Right now Im just happy to learn something new. Thanks for asking. What are you trying to achieve?