hello, am A pip Named Steve (hope no one is using this name) and am from Kampala, Uganda.
am still quite new to forex but am here to stay, i hope to learn and share with all the people am to meet here as am now actively involved in trading. i have and still reading several books around on trading but lacked interaction with fellow traders, a friend told me to try out this site as its a community of traders who share ideas. i hope to get the best out of it as we continue to interact and share our experiences.
am still trying to study the market and how it works, how n when to trade, what pair i should concentrate on etc.
online trading is taken as a risky venture as many have come up where many people have ended being conned of their money and are hesitant to get involved in any because of that but not me. am demoing myself upto the end of November this year and start live trading and hope to e ready by then,


Welcome- what books have you read and what are you working on?


Good luck out there,

Hello and welcome to our forex forum community! Glad your friend told you to visit our site. Have you studied our School of Pipsology yet? School of Pipsology | Learn Forex Trading

i particularly find the dummies series books of Currency trading for dummies, technical analysis for dummies, candlesticks for dummies and fundamental analysis for dummies quite simple to understand for a newbie. i am reading those plus a few others to give me a basic understanding of the markets and how they work but am mainly focussed on price action trading.
I also enrolled in the school of pipsology