Greg Secker Lifestyle Trading free seminar imminent

Prompted by a recent thread created by @RodeoDrive123 in which he specifically named Greg Secker’s company as a scam and wondered why it had FCA approval, as if by coincidence I received an unsolicited mail from “Greg Secker” this morning offering a free 2 1/2 hour webinar. So I have booked myself on that for 4pm UK time tomorrow Tuesday 30Nov2021, just out of curiosity.

I attended his Knowledge to Action (a paid course) in 2010, and thought I received good value from that course, so I wanted to present a different opinion to that of @RodeoDrive123

Thanks to Mr RodeoDrive, I am hoping to learn how Greg Secker affords his yacht and why he always seems to be on holiday after he finishes his day’s work early in the morning so he can play tennis, or party on his yacht. I know he had a helicopter back in 2010 and that he “retired” from Mellon bank NY with a $29M fund before he was 30. Surely anyone who achieves that level of wealth before 30 is worth listening to, and it’s free.

Just thought some of the newer members may find that interesting.

Here is the email with links to the online application for “limited attendance”

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Tue, Nov 30th 2021 @ 4:00 PM GMT

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See you on the webinar!

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Can’t do any harm.

I have only heard of Greg’s courses teaching a bit of TA and as MA crossovers as a strategy so it will be interesting to get a more up to date view.

(MA crossovers do work over a very extended time horizon in comparison with the MA periods of course, but not very well. I’m happy to repeat my theory on strategy pushers, text-book writers and trainers for anyone who’s interested.)

Hi all,
I have just realized that this may not allow you access to the webinar if it requires you to state your e-mail address. In this case I would recommend you send mail to the mail address above saying you were directed to this page by a post on a forum, and could you receive an invitation directly.

There is a remedy under the Consumer Protection (Amendment) Regulations 2014 which gives ‘consumers’ new private remedies where a trader ‘lies or uses aggressive commercial practices’. This is a bolt on to the main Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. Basically, people pressurised into buying these courses can ‘unwind’ the contract and get their money back if reported within 90 days or get a discount on what they paid if out of time for example. There are also damages for ‘alarm, distress or physical inconvenience or discomfort’ with a ceiling of £1,000. So, anyone misled into paying for the recent LifeStyle Trader courses 2022 have 3 months to get out of the ‘contract’ and get your money back.

I am currently investigating the totality of his operation, and liaising with lawyers in the UK and Australia regarding bringing Secker and his operation before the courts

I’d just like to note that it sounds like you’re investigating legal action on the grounds of unlawful sales techniques, rather than alleging the product is unfit for purpose.

Aggressive sales tactics in all industries need to be controlled.

It’s all part and parcel of being induced to pay for a course or product (smart charts)which will actually not deliver what was promised. Also the regulations also make it a criminal offence for them to tell people, as they always do, that there are only x no of places left at this price etc on this particular event - a blatant lie !
The courts look at the overall methodology employed to identify sharp practices. This is exactly the type of misleading and aggressive practice the legislation is there for.
What people actually want is a way to get their money back which this provides.
The quality of the product is all part and parcel of the case put to the court.

I’d have to agree that of the product can’t work as promised then that could amount to mis-selling and that’s got to be an offence.

So the next question has to be, what was delivered to the clients?

The main reason for my post was to alert all those people who signed up for his Lifestyle Trader 2022 course in particular that they can get out of the contract within the first 90 days. This legislation was passed as I said to give consumers a private remedy rather than waiting ages for it to go through the civil courts.
Apart from this remedy, I am also looking extensively at his actions in the more specific Fraud angle through the Fraud Act 2006 and wider conspiracy to defraud common law offence.
Just for clarity, there is a fine line between aggressive and misleading consumer practices and full blown fraud.

It might be helpful to traders using this site to describe some trading strategy that has been sold and which cannot work.

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Hi @Mark_V,
Please be aware that this can become extremely expensive very quickly especially if the provider of the services is wealthy and can afford top lawyers.

I have a property friend from the past who is being sued even thought she did not herself cause the suer any grief. She merely owned Property Tribes website, and she is counter-suing a property investment service provider who has allegedly caused much grief (£10K sort of grief) to those who paid for the course.