Guide a struggling trader

It sucked, actually.
Like I said, those most of those losers were mistakes. I play on the 1min chart so a split second makes all the difference in the world. I lost concentration on 2 of those losses and 2 of them were just plain stupidity.

Let’s just take a closer look at that…

10,000 @ 10% per day:
They’ve doubled their account in 6 days

After 1 month, or 20 trading days. Pretty impressive stuff, I’d like to see anyone do this consistently.

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What time zone are you in?

I’m constantly analyzing the charts and I drop a script that calculates money management at a click of a hotkey. I use mt4 and a mouse program linked to a gamer mouse. I click that button, count the points with a cross-hair measurement and enter. It takes all of 3 seconds.

I have figured out you are in Chicago Time (UTC -5).

What broker are you with?

Looking at some of those trade parameters, on a 1 minute chart, the slippage from hitting Stop Orders would rape the RR on any platform that I have traded.

So you saw the pic, right? I’m only average.
I came here because I was bored. I thought to maybe help a few people but all I get are a series of doubters. Good luck to all. I’m out.

These competitors are the traders who think they’re the best.
Here’s a question for you: why would you want to let anyone know how much you make?
Money and trust do not go together! If I showed anyone my account # I take the chance of getting hacked. Do I sound like the kind of person who would let that happen?

@TheMightyJ i thought this is just a friendly discussion why should people doubt you?
Since nobody has any reason to lie here i guess that’s fair to listen to everyone.
Specially you i think you know what are talking about and i put respect on your opinions. :pray:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Bash bash bash. Bunch of gaslighters in here. this place has changed. have a good life people.

Anyone can come on here and claim that they make George Soros look like a n00b. I am trying to see for myself the method in your system. And If I can recreate a few of your trades, believe me, I shall see the method if there is one present…but for that, I need your Timezone. I thought I had it, but then other trades didn’t match up…

so…where you located?

Omg why does it matter where I am??? Forex is a global career. The real question is why am I letting myself be baited by you? Enough.

And do you really think Soros tells people how profitable he is? That’s called naivety. Bye.

Learn when to quit…stop typing

Your EURUSD chart, suggest UTC + 3.

But the screenshot of ur trades for 27th Oct suggests some other time zone. Why can’t u just say where you are located? I am trying to get a handle on what you are doing.

Did you not say that you came here to help some novices?

You claim to not be one so why are you digging for info?

If you are being upfront, why can’t you just say?

Strategy should be dynamic . Otherwise will fail with TIME , take LONG time to analysis this line . If you solve it you are on . Otherwise , foreget about it

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I have said as much as I will. Anything else is either extraneous or compromising my security.

I hope you get richer than me. I doubt it, but I wish you luck.

That is exactly what I would say…

…if I came on some forum trying to impress a bunch of people with some half baked b.s.