Guide a struggling trader

Building a successful career in the market takes time. Do not lose patience. Never stop learning and growing, and always approach trading with an open mind and a clear head.

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Hey :v:
Thank you brother for replying and sharing what you think with me and actually i agree with you.
in this long time specially last 3 months i learnt that if i do not give up i can see the results and that’s something i guess everyone can count on

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Hey at first thanks for replying
actually having a clear mind while reviewing myself is hard for me cause there are times that i’m not sure if i did it wrong or it’s an exception in market and that’s the hard point i have to find out.

I believe the same, right approach is really important.

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Perhaps try posting chart sample. This will help us to see what’s happening.

You’re welcome.

How’re you trading now? Did you find any path?

Hey pal
well yea kind of. i’ve managed to learn a strategy and take control of my emotions
it’s about 2 months i’m applying that strategy and most important thing is i’m consistent and disciplined.